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Moody's has estimated influence of the American sanctions on the Russian economy. What to wait from ruble for?

According to the international rating agency, the next restrictive measures concerning Russia will hardly cause system-wide bank crisis. The ruble continues to lose Photo flesh meanwhile: Imago/TASS the New anti-Russian sanctions of the USA which have come into force on August 27 will influence economy of Russia slightly, but more drastic measures which can enter later this year represent risk. It is said in the forecast of the international Moody's Investors Service, available RIA Novosti. The next sanctions of Washington against Moscow have been imposed because of so-called business by Skripalya. It is necessary to wait for a new package of restrictive measures in October or after November 6 when in the USA there take place intermediate congressional elections. Meanwhile the Russian currency on these expectations continues to lose flesh. Now for dollar give about 67,5 rubles at the prices of oil exceeding 76 dollars for barrel. However, according to the deputy chairman of Vnesheconombank Andrey Klepach, ruble exchange rate has to be corrected because high prices, and by the end of the year the dollar will cost 65-66 rubles. So to wait from ruble? Analysts have shared the forecasts with Business FM. The director of the analytical department "Loco-Invest" Kirill Tremasov considers that the situation will depend on toughening or, on the contrary, mitigation sanctions политики:Кирилл Tremasov the director of the analytical department "Loco-Invest" "Now it is difficult to predict as sanctions history will develop further. If the bill is adopted quickly, then it is a story if its acceptance is postponed — another. After elections in the States in general deals can exchange. Respectively, the forecast of ruble exchange rate for the end of the year is deprived of any sense too. If Klepach speaks about 65-66 rubles, so he believes that sanctions will be, this subject will prevail over the market. The markets won back the fears connected with sanctions. If these fears leave, then the dollar can easily return to 60. In the same way and the market of federal loan bond easily can win back 1-1,5% on profitability down. The forecast depends on hypotheses according to sanctions". In our hands to make so that ruble exchange rate was invariable, the CEO of investment partnership of "Van Der the Black" Stanislav Mashagin:stanislav Mashagin the CEO of investment partnership of "Van Der the Black" "Says political speculation and a news background, of course, will cause some depreciation of currency, but if the Central Bank correctly limits speculators and to stimulate normal methodical work, then Klepach is absolutely right. In our hands to make so that the course was invariable. Even if to watch how our exporters will rhythmically sell currency revenue, then our course will be lower. As soon as sanctions are defined as soon as we understand what supernatural didn't happen, the course will begin to decline. Threat concerning state banks, and in particular concerning all Russian banks in use of currency, it, of course, the most unpleasant of forecasts. I don't think that this step will be taken. And if бу



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