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Moods of Russians concerning pension reform have changed? Georgy Bovt's comment

Georgy Bovt.
The share of the citizens ready to protest against raising the retirement age, according to results of poll of Levada Center, in a month has grown from 37% to 53% Georgy Bovt. Photo: Mikhail More than a half of the Russians interviewed by Levada Center have declared Fomichev/TASS determination to protest because of pension reform. 53% of respondents are ready to join personally protests against raising the retirement age at the place of residence. At the same time 42% of respondents doubt the readiness to participate in meetings. Poll took place on August 23-30 in 136 settlements, 52 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation. 1600 people have taken part in him 18 years are more senior. Levada Center is included in the register of the non-profit organizations performing functions of the foreign agent. A month earlier, on the contrary, the most part of respondents (53%) weren't ready to join protests, and 37% would take to the streets more likely. In a month the number not decided on the answer has decreased from 9% to 5%. How to treat these figures? About it in Georgy Bovt's comment. Poll of Levada Center which has recorded growth of protest moods took place to a televised address of Vladimir Putin in which he has softened a number of provisions of pension reform. Besides, so far growth of such moods not especially has affected the rating of the president. By data the VCIOM — this survey was also conducted prior to Putin's performance on TV — the rating of approval of his activity in August has grown to 66,1% though earlier his decrease was fixed. And even evaluation of the work of the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev if to trust VCIOM, has grown to 33,3% whereas right after the announcement of plans of raising the retirement age it has considerably worsened. As for growth of protest moods, they, of course, can affect to some extent results of United Russia at the upcoming regional elections on September 9. Though it seems to me that the speech of the president will render the softening effect. On the other hand, so far in one region, including Moscow where elections of the mayor are coming, not considerably that the opposition as - or has successfully used discontent with pension plans and would ride out a protest wave in the election campaign, and on popularity of oppositional candidates, including the representative of the CPRF in the same Moscow, it almost hasn't affected in any way. On September 2 in the capital at the initiative of the Communist Party the protest action against pension reform has taken place. Very many people — several thousands have taken part in her, by the most optimistical estimates, to present measures. But it is not tens of thousands and the more so not five million that approximately would correspond to 53 percent level allegedly of readiness to protest. So answers to sociologists don't mean at all practical readiness to come on serene Sunday, not in a frost and a rain, to officially resolved meeting in the downtown, even not on the suburb. Also the situation with preparation of a referendum on pension reform is unclear, intention to initiate which have declared several left initiative groups at once. At first the CEC has it seems refused his carrying out: like, on the similar questions mentioning budgetary and



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