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"Mishkin and Chepiga were off time to commit criminal act": reaction of network to new revelations about alleged poisoners Skripalya

Investigation of Bellingcat and The Insider according to which a surname of Alexander Petrov actually Mishkin, has forced users to remember the Soviet classics Ruslan Bashirov (at the left) and Alexander Petrov. Photo: Metropolitan police Unconfirmed information that one of alleged poisoners of the ex-employee of GRU Sergey Skripal Alexander Petrov is actually called Alexander Mishkin has for some reason adjusted the Russian users of Twitter on a musical harmony. Possibly, it is so simple to build in a phrase "Mishkin and Chepiga" the poem that network humorists couldn't master temptation. We will begin with classics: the politician Leonid Volkov has remade the first lines of the popular Murka song which was executed in due time by Vladimir Vysotsky, Arkady Severny and другие:Раз Mishkin and Chepiga — Leonid Volkov (@leonidvolkov) were off on October 8, 2018 many to commit criminal act
. Other user has remade the composition "Barges, full mullets" written for the Soviet movie with the suitable name "Two Fighters": Full poisons Mishkin brought bottles to Salisbury,
I all accomplices rose when with Chepigoy he entered. — Buick Lesabre (@Buick_Lesabre38) on October 8, 2018. At last, have remembered the "Bear, Mishka, where Your Smile" song composed in the mid-forties годов:Мишкин, Mishkin where your smile,
After Skripal's departure?
the Most ridiculous mistake, Mishkin,
that you поперлись to Simonyan.
of — Batman Apolo (@BatmanApoll) on October 8, 2018. I have amused many and information that in youth Mishkin "listened to a techno" and even I organized rural discos. Some so bad jokes that even good. For example, here is how one of tracks on the first album of the DJ of Doktor Mishkin:novosti of music could be called.

DJ Doktor Mishkin releases a new album, the following tracks have entered him:
the Beginner
to Come off
of the Colonel nobody shpilit — the Eminence Grise (@slevo4kin) on October 9, 2018. There are also more graceful literary hints on Dostoyevskogo:knyaz Mishkin — Aric Toler (@AricToler) on October 8, 2018. Someone has thought up also the name for special operation on poisoning with Skripalya: Mishkin Impossible. To add to your sources of news?



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