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Date: 3 weeks ago   Category: Finances

Media: average age of potential bankrupts has decreased for 13 years

If earlier as applicants debtors of 35-40 years, then now – acted 22-30 years. Experts believe that the microfinancial organizations where young people are forced to apply for the Photo loans are guilty of it: Age of Russians who are ready to declare themselves financially insolvent has decreased for 13 years in only three years: since 35–40 years till 22-30. It is written by the Izvestia newspaper with reference to a research of the National center of bankruptcies. Average amount of debt has decreased from 1,7 million rubles to 1,3 million, and the number of the credits with which reach bankruptcy has grown with one-two to three-four loans. This situation is connected with the fact that banks lack borrowers and all of them go for risky crediting more often, the CEO of investment partnership of "Van Der the Black" Stanislav Mashagin:stanislav Mashagin the CEO of investment partnership of "Van Der the Black" "In my opinion, the main reason — a shortcoming of borrowers for work of banks says, she pushes in search of new clients. It, in turn, leads to increase in crediting both small and medium business, and natural persons. Reduction of age also is connected with it. If more or less taken place businessman has to be more senior than 30 years, then the beginning businessman or the natural person can be and are more senior than twenty, and is often more senior than eighteen. These are people who have just graduated from specialized secondary educational institution or school and already begin, maybe, even to combine work with institute, to try to go about the own business. Actually, the reason in falling of age of average bankruptcies, change of credit policy of banks and expansion of the loan portfolio not due to normal business as it becomes more difficult to work with him every day. Reservation and standards of requirements to borrowers in normal business are much higher, than in retail crediting. There, naturally, different rates therefore the small sums with a bigger rate more often and go bankrupt in view of these cumulative reasons. It seems to me, we will see falling of this agiotage among young borrowers, increase in a share of mature borrowers. As soon as or the policy of the Central Bank, or the general situation in economy when normal business begins to be credited and develop quietly changes. It in the last ten years in the normal mode isn't observed. Only very large borrowers, and for all averages and small borrowers of the requirement very rigid can be credited, often the credit can't just be obtained". As a result, according to the expert, small and average businessmen are forced to address to the microfinancial organizations where take small loans under big percent and go bankrupt. It is result of the general economic downturn. There is also one more nuance: institute of bankruptcy for young businessmen — a lifebuoy, the senior analyst on the banking sector and the monetary market of Veles Capital Investment Company Yury Kravchenko:yury Kravchenko the senior analyst on the banking sector and the monetary market of Veles Capital Investment Company "Probably says, on the one hand, it is the general



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