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Married or not? Media guess why Sergey Shnurov went to a registry office

About change of the status of the famous musician and performer it is possible to judge by videos and photos which have appeared in the press. However the leader of Leningrad only in August has got divorced from the wife Matilda Sergey Shnurov. Photo: Vyacheslav of Prokofiev/TASS Married, didn't marry: Media guess about change of marital status of the leader of the Leningrad group Sergey Shnurov. Bases a little. First, the other day Fontanka has posted video, allegedly, from the St. Petersburg registry office No. 1 that on Angliyskaya Embankment. The short roller contains shots where Sergey Shnurov and the fair-haired girl whose face isn't visible sit in some office and sign papers. Secondly, in Instagram of the singer there was a photo on that Angliyskaya Embankment with the girl who has turned away from a lens. To look at this publication in Instagrampublikation from Shnurov Sergey (@shnurovs) 24 Oct, 2018 at 12:42 PDT the Photo was followed by the love poem which it actually admits that has married: "As usual, it was restless, the block which NATO, Fluctuated ruble exchange rate, bitcoin Extended, Only I is steadily drunk and married … Drinking with you the third glass,
Spoke to itself — don't hurry, a billeting.
A has seized you then by buttocks.
Lo and behold, again not single. Will ask — whether a little to you was women? there Is no
, fully, but there is one trifle. I love
Ya. Same rake.
Something I in any way not the bachelor". Earlier Sergey Shnurov appeared in light in the company of the effective 27-year-old blonde Olga Abramova. The girl is known that she is a daughter of the wealthy Ekaterinburg businessman, the graduate of prestigious capital higher education institution in which I studied world politics. Olga also some time lived in Great Britain where she studied history of arts. Attribute her several affairs with very wealthy persons. She has got acquainted with Sergey Shnurov in the summer of 2018. The singer has for the first time presented the companion to society as Varvara, the poetess at a ceremony of "People of year" of Olga's Gq.Dlya alleged marriage — the first, for Shnurov — the fourth. Sergey's friend, the musician, the rapper Stas Baretsky has reported Business FM that couple, perhaps, plans a wedding. However present messages about marriage he not подтвердил:Стас Baretsky is a musician, the rapper "Most likely, these are rumors. I kind of wasn't present at the latest events. It seems to me, I even am sure that it is rumors because the wedding anyway will be loud. Olga Abramova is the celebutante beginning. Sergey Shnurov — суперстар. What silent weddings? The wedding will be loud, with connection of television, with limousines and with all pribabakha. Wanted to stir up it, I offered at Zenit Arena stadium during the concert where, as we know, Sergey Shnurov has broken the attendance record. But I, unfortunately, have had an accident, and at me it hasn't turned out to be present there, and that, maybe, I would finish him. When I see in the passport, then I will believe in it". Sergey's ex-spouse of the business lady Matilda of Shnurov in the Instagram has published the black-and-white photo and sad verses of Andrey Dementiev where there are such lines: "Never



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