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Maria Sharapova again in the five of the highest paid sportswomen of the world

Maria Sharapova.
The Russian tennis-player has taken the fifth place in the rating of the Forbes magazine in which earnings since June, 2017 are considered. On the first place Serena Williams, on the second — Caroline Wozniacki Maria Sharapova. Photo: Jean-Yves Ahern/Reuters the Most titled Russian tennis-player Maria Sharapova has returned to the rating of the highest paid sportswomen of the world according to Forbes. She has taken the fifth place, her revenue 1 million dollars — prize-winning for performances on tournaments have estimated at 10,5 million dollars, from them, 9,5 million more dollars — other income, including sponsor's contracts and own business. Last year Sharapova has signed the long-term contract with financial holding UBS and has added him to sponsors together with Nike, Head, Porsche and Évian. Plus income from own brand of sweets Sugarpova. This year the sportswoman has signed some more contracts, having expanded sales markets of the sweets. And all this after doping scandal as a result of which Sharapova has been disqualified and some companies have suspended with her contracts. Sharapova has very good managers who have allowed her to keep a good name, the head of the department of sports management of the Moscow financial industrial academy Vladimir Lednev considers: Vladimir Lednev the head of the department of sports management of the Moscow financial industrial academy "Some companies have changed conditions of the contracts. Sharapova is an image sportswoman. The most important that she honestly admitted a mistake with meldonium, it has played the positive commercial role too. Very often athletes say: "The demon has confused, it not I". Sharapova, of course, has a little lost in the course of sports results because she has been disqualified. If we come back to sport, then today she after all didn't come to the necessary level. If we speak about earnings of the leading athletes, and Sharapova, of course, is that, then prize-winning for sports result make at most 10-15% of income from all of them. The main source — commercial activity, sponsors and advertisers. Here everything is explainable, she has practically not lost any advertisers, being still the face of groups and the companies". Nevertheless in 2015 the Forbes magazine estimated Sharapova's income almost at 30 million dollars that is almost three times more than her present income. To add to your sources of news?



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