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Loud divorce. The editor-in-chief of "MK" and its wife divide 30 billion

Pavel Gusev.
Marriage with Evgenia Yefimova — the third for Pavel Gusev. They have three children. As Yefimova's lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky has told Business FM, the exact cost of assets only should be determined Pavel Gusev. Photo: Anton of Novoderezhkin/TASS the Editor-in-chief of Moskovskij Komsomolets Pavel Gusev and his wife Evgenia Yefimova divide in court property into 30 billion rubles. Together they have lived 20 years. According to, 45-year-old Evgenia Yefimova heads the Joint editorial office of editions of the mayor and the Government of Moscow. She doesn't want the property right to shares and shares of the company which Gusev owns — she is interested in monetary compensation at a rate of a half of their cost. The meeting on business will take place on August 23, it will be closed. The lawyer of Evgenia Yefimova Alexander Dobrovinsky has said that spouses tried to resolve an issue of the section of property, but couldn't agree. Alexander Dobrovinsky is a lawyer "Visit the website of Moskovskij Komsomolets and you will see that it is absolutely huge conglomerate, the empire which includes tens of some other companies, publishing houses of newspapers, magazines and so on, beginning from "Hunting and fishery" and finishing with business. And this huge holding belongs to this couple which has lived together more than 20 years. Somehow it should be divided. Plus the real estate, actions, shares, accounts in banks — all this has to be divided by the law. I have made the assessment, I can be mistaken, but it is not 30 billion, but 35 billion 5 billion here, 5 billion here — who will already consider in this situation". Pavel Gusev is 69 years old, 35 years he holds a post of the editor-in-chief of the Moskovskij Komsomolets newspaper. To this position he was appointed still by the CPSU. In 1992 Gusev privatized the edition and became its owner. Since 1991 he heads the Union of journalists of Moscow. Gusev was repeatedly tried to be ousted. Five years ago, for example, the conflict with the Duma fraction "United Russia" has broken out — then "MK" has published Georgy Yans's article "Political prostitution has changed sex". But Gusev was supported by professional community and unanimously re-elected as the chairman of the Union of journalists of Moscow. Marriage with Yefimova for Gusev the third. They have three general children. Two more — from former marriages. Spouses have got acquainted when Evgenia was 24 years old. The first meeting has taken place on a secular action. In an interview to the Stolichny Stil edition of Yefimov called it love at first sight. She told how Gusev has struck her with the singularity at once, noted his male charisma and magnetism. Colleagues said that in one family two publishing poles have met: quite oppositional Moskovskij Komsomolets of Gusev and Yefimova's magazines, the majority of which are connected with power structures. But she emphasized that business and private life in their family are accurately divided. As Evgenia Yefimova's lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky has told Business FM, trial between spouses can be dragged out till spring as the exact cost of assets of Pavel Gusev only should be determined. To add to your sources of news?



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