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Leak of air at the ISS. Whether astronauts will be able to return to Earth?

Cracks are found in a household compartment of the "Union" docked to the station. Designers consider that the micrometeorite crashed into the ship. The crew managed to seal ISS openings almost completely. Photo: NASA/Reuters In the Russian "Union" docked to the ISS the microcrack — more precisely, two small openings on two millimeters in a household compartment was found. Designers consider that the micrometeorite crashed into the ship. Because of it there was a leak of air and pressure drop on the ISS at night. As writes "MK" to find a crack, all international crew of the station has gathered in the central Russian module and began to block a compartment behind a compartment. As a result have found a small opening in a household compartment and have almost completely sealed it. Both NASA, and the Russian side claim that there is no threat to crew of the ISS. But how to come back in this ship? Problems won't be, the astronaut explains, the Hero of Russia Sergey Volkov: — Crew at return is in the lander. And already before direct atmospheric entry in general there is a division of these compartments, the household compartment burns down at an entrance to dense beds of the atmosphere. The hatch between the lander and a household compartment is closed, the tightness before undocking of this hatch is checked. And it is, one may say, in this situation the most important hatch which protects crew from depressurization in a household compartment. — These means which can hermetically close a crack that is a tape — it is enough? — All this was fulfilled here, on Earth. Before to send set to a repair kit, same everything was certified. Everything is made in order that really it has worked and the crew hasn't suffered. It is not the first malfunction this year at the ISS. Neda Vno in the Japanese module of the American segment of the station there were problems with the system of thermal regulation. Moisture filtered into an inhabited compartment of the station, and astronauts have been forced to fight against "perspiration" by which module walls became covered, using tissues and towels. Also earlier on the American segment of the ISS one of the systems of removal of carbon dioxide has failed, and astronauts have been compelled in an orbit independently her to repair. To add to your sources of news?



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