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Date: 3 months ago   Category: Companies

Kostin's media rating has flown up on statements for dollar deposits

Earlier in Business FM interview the president โ€” the chairman of the board of VTB has told about probability of return of currency deposits in rubles. In top-10 businessmen of week Kostin has won first place Andrey Kostin. Photo: Donat of Sorokin/TASS the Medialogiya Company especially for has made the ratings of the companies and businessmen of week. Ratings are prepared on the basis of Mediaindeks โ€” an indicator of Medialogiya which reflects quality of presence of the companies and persons in an information field. The more the Mediaindeksa value, especially is bright and positive presence of the company or the person at media, the her image created by media is more positive. By preparation of rating 4 448 410 publications of media from 10 till September 16, 2018 have been analysed. To the company the Apple company which has held the presentation of the new products became a nedelilider according to Mediaindeks. The action has taken place in the headquarters to Cupertino (State of California). The most part of attention has been devoted to iPhone. The most noticeable movement in media rating at Alibaba Group. Mass media reported that Alibaba Group, MegaFon, Group and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) will create in Russia joint venture in the field of social commerce. The AliExpress online store will form a basis for new joint venture. Top-10 companies of week: the No. Peremeshcheniyekompaniyamediaindeks1 3Apple70 954,720sberbank52 066,13-2VTB49 279,54 19 Rossii34 177,95 43 Mail of Alibaba Group29 753,16-1 Rosneft 25 710,77 3 Rostelecom 24 503,78 12 MegaFon 24 048,490RZhD23 692,910-4 "Yandex" 22 835,6businessmeny a nedelilider according to Mediaindeks became Andrey Kostin. The president โ€” the chairman of the board of VTB has developed the plan for refusal of dollar consisting of four main points. Earlier Kostin noted that on leaving from dollar years can be required, but to make it it is necessary. The most noticeable movement in rating at Nikolay Podguzov. Russian Post starts the project on construction of 38 logistic centers in the fall, investments into the project will make about 24 billion rubles. The head of the enterprise has said it at East economic forum. Top-10 businessmen of week: No. Peremeshcheniyepersonamediaindeks1 144 Andrey Kostin
VTB25 782,52-1dmitry Rogozin
Roskosmos 20 609,13 1 German Gref
Sberbank15 425,14 24 Elon Musk
of SpaceX8 791,050igor Sechin
Rosneft 7 694,26 308 Nikolay Podguzov
Russian Post 7 569,77 25 Igor Shuvalov
VEB6 743,28 5 Arkady Rotenberg
Stroygazmontazh 5 886,39 2 Alexey Likhachev
Rosatom 5 494,310 73 Vitaly Savelyev
Aeroflot 5 399,5 to Add to your sources of news?



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