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Date: 10 months ago   Category: Finances

It is necessary to save for pension in a voluntary and compulsory order?

Media have learned about plans of the authorities to automatically connect citizens to new system. If it is possible to follow these data, to refuse, having only specially written the application of the Photo: Artem Geodakyan / TASS of Russians want to connect to new accumulative system, without asking their consent, RBC claims. It is about the concept of the individual pension capital: it is planned that it will be additional contributions to 6% of salary. According to the mechanism which was chosen by the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Russia, citizens will be automatically connected to system when these contributions are listed in NPF or in VEB which operates pension savings of "taciturn persons". The citizen will be able to refuse this system, but it will be required to write the application.

Thus, this system becomes not voluntary, but compulsory. The director of institute of the strategic analysis of FBK Igor Nikolayev:igor Nikolaev the director of institute of the strategic analysis of FBK "Comments we had 6% which were frozen since 2014, now want to enter to replace this system frozen the individual pension capital, but plus 6%. Those 22% remain, and here another 6%, it is actually an analog up to 6% of income tax, that is 13% — income, and now an obligation up to 6%, here, funded future pensions, that is it is really compulsory and voluntary system. Whether it will be property, well, declare that it is your property, but in conditions, when there is no trust to new pension initiatives of the authorities to trust in it?. Well it isn't trusted. Therefore I consider that the wrong idea if it is over 22% if it is additional fiscal loading actually for citizens". The idea of the individual pension capital has been presented by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank two years ago. This model is designed to replace the frozen funded pension.

the Essence is in that assignments of contributions from the salary of Russians went to the non-state pension funds where the investment part of the state pension will be formed. It is supposed that the size of contributions will gradually increase by percent a year — to 6%. The idea of new pension reform is commented by the Doctor of Economics Sergey Smirnov: — there Were two options, actually. On the one hand, we had to write the application for participation in this system, declarative such character. Now we are included there on the automatic machine, even some articles of the Civil code are quoted that such approach to business has the right for existence. Only after that we can unsubscribe. Therefore I think that if has prevailed and I have won against the first option, the government should stand with a cap in hand at every turn and convince people to enter this system. — A funded part which already is whether will defreeze sometime? — No, it won't be defrozen, in my opinion. That money which is there won't be gone anywhere, nobody at us will drag off them. These means — those who have made a choice for some non-state funds, the same VEB go charge of investment income there. Another thing is that



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