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In Yerevan it is restless again

Nicol Pashinyan.
The prime minister Pashinyan has urged fellow citizens to take to the streets and to demand dissolution of parliament. The president has already dismissed six ministers Nicol Pashinyan. Photo: EPA/TASS the Prime minister of Armenia Nicol Pashinyan is going to retire in the nearest future that in the country have held early parliamentary elections. At the same time he hopes that the people won't assume that during this period have elected the new prime minister. Pashinyan has urged fellow citizens to take to the streets and to demand dissolution of parliament. He also has charged to dismiss ministers and governors from The Prospering Armenia and Dashnaktsutyun parties. The president of Armenia Armen Sargsyan and has made — six ministers are dismissed.

Pashinyan's Discontent was caused by the bill of change of regulations of legislature approved by parliament complicating the procedure of dissolution. What doesn't arrange it and why dissolution is so not wanted by deputies? The political scientist from Armenia Alexander Iskandaryan:aleksandr Eskandarian the political scientist "In parliament comments the fraction of republicans at whom, generally, nobody checked an electoral resource, but now, probably, he such that they, maybe, won't gain 5% if there are elections sits. And here it is inconvenient to work with such parliament, naturally. The parliament in principle has to exist till 2022. Mister Pashinyan of early elections to parliament tries to obtain, and the parliament doesn't agree to it. Some as - or there are no serious legislative, legal ways to bypass parliament, generally. Therefore this process at which there are on parliament some attempts, so to speak, of influence continues. On the other hand, parliamentarians from Republican Party understand: if they agree to dissolution of parliament, then on new elections chances at them to go to this parliament, to put it mildly, not really big. They try to hold parliament. Here in it a contradiction therefore proceeds". Late at night on October 2 Pashinyan has said that he intends to hold negotiations with deputies of parliament for overcoming new crisis. He insists on holding early elections in parliament of Armenia in two months. The building of National assembly of the republic was surrounded by thousands of protesters. To add to your sources of news?



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