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In the history with new rules of obtaining the sign "Disabled person" there are still more questions, than answers

In Russia new rules of obtaining the sign "Disabled person" have come into force. Now he won't be appropriated to the car, and to be given to the person. Yellow stickers will remove from sale. What will it change and whether those who shouldn't be there will cease to park on special places? Photo: Vyacheslav of Prokofiev/TASS Drivers received the sign "Disabled person" not so much for transportation of the disabled person earlier as it is written in rules, how many for the free parking. All who went to a car with a yellow sticker usually used this benefit. Now the sign will be issued not for the car, and for the particular person. On him the name of the person, date of birth, data of the document on disability and group will be entered. Will assign to each sign the identification number. Thus, the disabled person will be able to use all privileges, being in any car. The main thing that the document was with itself, the Muscovite Ekaterina Shalmina whose child has disability says. "I consider, what needs to be made out on the car because really I can carry the child in any car, and that the concrete car under the sign for disabled can be parked is madly inconvenient, it is inconvenient. Because so, for example, and by karshering car in principle if with me the disabled person, I can get up under this sign. By car of the relative or friend at whom I am entered, let us assume, in the CMTPL, in the policy, I can carry the child too and also I will have these rights". That is it is supposed that now in the car will transport after all the disabled person, he has to carry the sign with himself. It has to reduce the number of abuses, the head of Federal bureau of medico-social examination Mikhail Dymochka:mikhail Dymochka the head of Federal bureau of medico-social examination "Considers if the disabled person has arrived to shop, in the same place these signs remained in the car, they also provide accounting of this privilege. Have departed in shop, have come back home and have gone, there are no questions. If the acquaintance has just landed, somewhere I have given a ride to the disabled person, then the disabled person has taken away signs with himself, and the acquaintance has left". The idea is in itself good, but here is how it will be realized in practice, isn't clear yet, the head of Federation of Car Owners of Russia Sergey Kanayev:sergey Kanayev the head of social movement "Federation of Car Owners of Russia" "First says, to speak about that, will change it a situation or not, very difficult, also points of delivery and, as a matter of fact, forms aren't entered specifically in practice already yet. As soon as it is clear, then it is already possible to argue on whether really it will promote. But from the point of view of prevention and initiatives in this case I consider that it is made very reasonably because disabled people can't find to themselves the place. As a result on their places there are parked cars with the Disabled person badges. In all this history of questions it is still more, than answers. For example, who prevents the disabled person to give the sign for a month, week or just for the night to the relative or just the neighbor. If the car costs, so has brought the disabled person and as to control it, unclear. Besides нея



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