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Date: 6 months ago   Category: Politics

In the governor's case there were unexpected shifts

In particular, the new person among heads of regions — Sergey Morozov who became the head of the Astrakhan region. He is a native of the FSO and customs service Sergey Morozov. Photo: Mikhail by Klimentyev/TASS It is updated in 12:59neozhidannye shifts in the governor's case: heads of several regions have asked to transfer them at once to other work. I have become absolutely new face among governors appointed the head of the Astrakhan region — the person from the FSO and customs service — Sergey Morozov. There is practically no information on Morozov. It is known only that a year ago the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev appointed him the deputy head of the Federal Customs Service — responsible for carrying out general internal financial audit. The name of Morozov and a photo was on the website of the department, without biography. At the time of the publication of material a link has ceased to be opened. To FCS he worked as the Assistant Secretary of defense where has passed from Federal Guard Service. According to media, I worked in bodyguard of Vladimir Putin earlier during the second presidential term and when that was a prime minister.

the Similar way at the Tula governor Alexey Dyumin who was an employee of the FSO entered into bodyguard of Putin, then has been appointed the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, and then there was an acting and subsequently — the head of the region.

in governors has come From the FSO also the former acting governor of the Kaliningrad region Evgeny Zinichev who runs the Ministry of Emergency Situations now. He protected Putin in 2006-2015, before served in KGB and worked in Central office of FSB of Russia. The similar biography at the current head of the Yaroslavl region of the general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Mironov who till 2013 served at various positions in KGB of the USSR and bodies of state protection of Russia and then I have passed into the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation where worked as the deputy minister. Morozov has specified by

In the declaration for last year income almost in 3 million rubles — most less from deputy heads of FCS. The spouse of the politician has declared income in 400 thousand rubles. Sergey Morozov among colleagues governors has

the namesake. The Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov, however, too heads middle names at politicians different. The previous head of the Astrakhan region Alexander Zhilkin who directed area of 15 years, has asked to transfer him to other work. He one of the first governors who has openly and quite sharply opposed pension reform, has told that the government has approached a question purely arithmetically therefore such rejection of people.

Among governor's shifts — the resonant solution of the Kremlin on Primorye where there was just a scandal to elections. The interim head of the Region of Putin appointed the Sakhalin governor Oleg Kozhemyako, he is the first governor who headed three regions earlier: The Amur region, Sakhalin and the region Koryakia which isn't existing any more. At the same time he is from Primorye, and local he is known, the editor-in-chief and the founder of the Russkoye Veche newspaper Maria Solovyenko tells. Maria Solovyenko the editor-in-chief and the founder of the Russkoye Veche newspaper "I well know Oleg,



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