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Date: 2 weeks ago   Category: Society

In Moscow detentions on an action in support of Ivan Golunov began

According to "Department of Internal Affairs of Info", more than 90 people, including two correspondents of "Jellyfish" and also the oppositionist Alexei Navalny Foto are detained: Ivan of Medvedev/ On an unauthorized march in support of Ivan Golunov in the center to Moscow there are detentions. According to "Department of Internal Affairs of Info", more than 90 people are detained. In particular, were detained, forwarded in paddywagons, and then journalists Ilya Zhegulev and Andrey Pertsev are released.

Also, despite existence of press cards and an editorial task, are detained the correspondent of Kommersant Roman Dorofeyev, the journalist of Echo of Moscow Evgeny Snegov and the correspondent of the Vedomosti newspaper Vitaly Petlevoy.

Detain people in undershirts "YA/M Ivan Golunov" or those who hold posters.
of Data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs neither about detainees, nor about the number of participants of the action did not arrive yet.

the Moscow authorities called organizers of a march and persons interested for them earlier to join to refuse participation in an action.

Information on a march appeared in Facebook still before the journalist was released from under arrest, having repealed the resolution on initiation of case against him on attempt at sale of drugs.

Nevertheless some initiators of a march considered that it is necessary to go all the same because guilty of illegal detention of Ivan Golunov are still not punished.

Now a part of crowd left to Petrovka, 38, despite a cordon. Mass media report that in Strastnoy Boulevard OMON began to apply bludgeons. To add to your sources of news?



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