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In Chelyabinsk the airport of Putin can appear

The first stage of the Great Names of Russia project on renaming of 45 regional airports has come to the end. The rebranding purpose — to cause pride of Russians of the small homeland. Experts are perplexed — whether it is better to make the airports more convenient and more available? The airport building in Chelyabinsk. Photo: The marine of Lystsev/TASS In Chelyabinsk can appear the airport of Vladimir Putin, and in Altai — a name of the empress Elizabeth Petrovna. The first stage of the Great Names of Russia project on renaming of 45 regional airports has come to the end. After they replace the name, the authorities assume growth of general interest in these objects and pride of locals of the small homeland, Kommersant reports. Experts carefully estimate the project. On Sunday evening, on October 21, regional offices of Public chamber have transferred to the federal center lists with versions of names — on ten from each region. In many lists, along with tsars, revolutionaries and storytellers names of the former and current governors — probably, for political adjustedness appear. In Chelyabinsk have that is called threatened on Vladimir Putin. The offer to make the Balandino airport of a name of the current Russian president has arrived from the Chelyabinsk staff of "The union of volunteers of Russia". Putin's "competitors" — the nuclear scientist Igor Kurchatov, the Olympic champion Lidiya Skoblikova and the ex-governor of the region Pyotr Sumin. In Sverdlovsk region the storyteller Pavel Bazhov is in the lead so far. If he wins, the name of the airport will begin to sound "Koltsovo Airport of Bazhov". Among other options — the Soviet marshal Georgy Zhukov and his class enemies — capitalists, mine owners Demidov. The head of local Public chamber acts for the former governor Eduard Rossel. Rossel so not against that even for. As he said, the airport also is constructed thanks to his efforts. However, some have right there remembered that it was under construction on Victor Vekselberg's money, and time so, and his surname has too the right to be immortalized. The situation is commented by the political scientist and the political strategist Andrey Kolyadin:andrey Kolyadin is a political scientist and the political strategist "Can lead it to the fact that each subsequent governor and each subsequent president will rename the surname these airports. Probably, after all it is necessary to arrive at least as our orthodox church when canonizes this or that Saint: to give the chance at least to 50 years to pass after life of this person and then to confirm his miracles. The developed toponymic names, likely, after all didn't need to be changed. There is Koltsovo, there is Tolmachevo, there is Kurumoch — better to leave all this. Build the new airports — the people choose for them names, and here old it is better to leave". Since Monday the second stage of the project started: till October 28 to the authorities locals can throw the ideas. Options are accepted on the website of the Great Names of Russia project. If the name gathers 500 likes, will be included in the regional list. Considering how contradictory and politized figures have already been offered



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