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Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

In case of murder of journalists in the CAR new correspondence has appeared

She was at disposal of BBC. Earlier correspondence was laid out by the FAN agency which is connected with the businessman Evgeny Prigozhin Foto: Maxim Shemetov/Reuters New correspondence already between the Moscow producer of the dead in the CAR of journalists with their alleged fixer, the conductor by the name of Martin who was considered the employee of the UN was at disposal VVS.VSYU the organization on the place Martin has undertaken, but hasn't met journalists. After death of film crew he has ceased to answer calls and messages.

of B BBC claim that there are correspondence screenshots. She was conducted in WhatsApp. Journalists cite only already in Russian.

the FAN agency has published Earlier correspondence screenshots in Telegram chat which already in Africa was conducted by journalists — Jemal, Rastorguyev and Radchenko — with the head of the Control Centre of Investigation (CCI) Konyakhin and the journalist Rodion Chepel cooperating with IMC. Preparation of a business trip was discussed. From correspondence fragments the edition drew a conclusion that the organization of a trip was weak, and urged reporters to save IMC.

However in IMC consider that preparation was sufficient and that correspondence with Martin confirms it. She also explains why the visa was tourist, but not journalistic.

of the Air Force doesn't tell the name of the producer of IMC who corresponded with Martin from Moscow, however the editor-in-chief of the center Pavel Konyakhin noted earlier that the main correspondence both with Martin, and with film crew was conducted by Rodion Chepel. Martin has responded to the first message in WhatsApp sent on July 9 days later — in the evening on July 10 he has expressed readiness to help. The producer of IMC has told Martin that in film crew there will be three persons — the author of the movie, the director and the operator, and has reported at once that they plan to remove the Russian mercenaries in the CAR and that organizers of a trip didn't ask for permission neither from the Russian government, nor from mercenaries. The producer of IMC has told that the group goes to the Central African Republic for two weeks, from July 29 to August 15. Martin has written that he has found the house and the driver. In five days prior to a departure of journalists the producer has asked questions of the organization of a trip: by whom it is better to be represented — tourists, cinema-men, businessmen or the staff of the UN and whether there is an opportunity to approach uranium diamond mines. Martin has answered next day and has advised to be the Russian tourists. Also I have explained that it is better to carry with itself dollars, and released after 2006. I promised to acquaint with officials who will give the necessary information.

Because of flight transfer journalists have arrived per day earlier and have lodged in National hotel in Bangui as addresses of a country house didn't know. Martin has written phone of the driver which will bring them to a country house, having told that he will be in Bambari till August 3. On the way to Bambari Radchenko, Jemal and Rastorguyev were ambushed and have been killed.

the Driver whom call Byenvenya has survived and as officials from the CAR reported, now for its safety contains in prison as important to suite



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