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Igorek on protection of interests of Russia. The Kalashnikov Concern has presented a concept of the biped robot

The company has presented at a forum "Army-2018" the model of an orthograde complex for the solution of engineering and fighting tasks. Igorek will have weight about 4,5 tons. The car has reminded users of social networks the robot from the movie "Robocop" the Concept of the operated orthograde Igoryok complex. Photo: The Kalashnikov Concern the Russian weapon Kalashnikov Concern has presented at the international forum "Army-2018" the model of the operated orthograde complex for the solution of engineering and fighting tasks. It is reported on the official site of the company. As writes RBC, the anthropomorphous robot weighing 4,5 tons has received the working name "Igorek". The advanced model of the robot will appear in 2019. Social networks haven't taken an innovation seriously, and, certainly, have blown up. Business FM has collected the best jokes about шагоход. We will begin with poetry. Sending to doomsday in the Scandinavian mythology is done by the journalist Alexey Kovalev:igoryok-Igoryok, present me Ragnarök of — Alexey Kovalev (@Alexey __ Kovalev) on August 21, 2018. The working name of the fighting robot was pleasant to someone. They say, all terrible things it is necessary to call by the ridiculous names. But it is more nevertheless criticism. Twitter and on перспективу:Игорёк)))

in line models works:
and Zhanka

of — Seletsky фронтозавр (@Seleckis) on August 21, 2018. Someone be touched: "What cute names: Igorek, "Beginner". Some users are impressed with an impressive type of the robot: "It is not Igorek, but Igor Ivanovich any more". However, jokes about a name of the fighting robot in popularity take the honourable second place, most of all Twitter has excited appearance of the car. It is impossible to tell that there are no flatter comparisons, but in general it would be strange to expect from the Internet something, except doubtful humour. Also comparisons with larkami:nochny a stall which can stand for itself(himself) became popular. — Boski Michach (@mikezimean) on August 21, 2018. Brands have already reacted to an agiotage. One pizzeria has right there attached the logo on a car breast and has inserted a box with pizza into robot manipulators. Quite organically looks. The Kalashnikov concern has presented a concept of the orthograde android weighing 4,5 tons who has to solve household problems.
according to RBC, the robot called Igoryok. — Pi's (@pizzapi_ru) Pizza on August 21, 2018. Estimates the prospects of use of technology of Twitter sharply негативно:В to science fiction it yet never well has ended (((((((( — nuclear has danced (@polinanem) on August 20, 2018. Other user publishes even more gloomy a prognoz:pok Igorek goes not really, there wasn't enough money, it is necessary to lift the VAT to 30% of — vodka and meldonium (@treugolny_hui) on August 21, 2018. The Federalpress news agency with reference to the press service of "Kalashnikov" denies information that the working name of the robot I became Igoryok. To add to your sources of news?



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