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"If the team is removed during the championship, there will be a scandal". FC Anzhi is going to strike

Football players demand to pay them salary. What will occur if players refuse to leave in the field in matches of premier league? Photo: Alexander Demyanchuk / TASS Football players of Makhachkala Anzhi can declare boycott of a match of premier league with CSKA Moscow because of wage arrears. The R-Sport agency reports about it. That players have already written the letter to the management of club, the head coach of team Magomed Adiyev has said to the edition. He has added: in team hope that the situation will be solved safely and business won't reach boycott.

the CEO of club Oleg Flegontov has said that the letter of players was for him a surprise, but also not such big surprise. "It is necessary to understand that the football club of premier league can't be financed from the cash card of its president. So the similar statement of children became ripe. I understand them and I don't condemn" — he has commented.

About what future is waited by Anzhi, the president of Soccer Market group of companies Yury Belous:yury Belous the president of Soccer Market group of companies "the First argues: of course, the Football Union of Russia should have penetrated into time of licensing of football club, in my opinion, in more detail. Probably, to solve more accurately, to allow them in premier league or not. But if they have come, so respectively, management should have controlled expenses and income therefore there are questions and to management. As for the statement that they won't leave and will boycott, I think, it is improbable. The matter is that football players who play in Anzhi today perfectly understand: for them even if the club will stop the existence, a game in premier league is that show-window on which they can find another to themselves club of premier league and go to other team. Therefore, most likely, it is an element of pressure upon the authorities, on management. To the government of Dagestan, I think, of course, it is necessary to find some options in order that at least Anzhi has finished this tournament till May because if the next team is removed, especially during the national championship, it will be, of course, scandal. Especially, when it occurs in a year of holding the FIFA World Cup which passed in Russia". As earlier mass media reported, debts of Anzhi because of unpaid salaries I make about 300 million rubles, and players don't receive money four months. To add to your sources of news?



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