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"Idiots", Candide and Seryozha. Prime ministers of a new theatrical season

Capital theaters come back since vacation and prepare for opening of the next seasons. Business FM tells about the most interesting prime ministers of the Photo: of the Expected premieres will be more: so far theaters one by one carry out gatherings of troupe where they announce the plans. In "Practice" which after Dmitry Brusnikin's death was left without artistic director, the next premiere — "The person from Podolsk. Seryozha very stupid": in fact, the immersive performance, action will take place in the hall, the foyer and even in the yard. In Moscow Art Theatre of Chekhov Sergey Zhenovach with approach of a season directs fruitfully. "The person from fish" of Yury Butusov will become a new performance. Right after — director's statement of Dmitry Krymov, the first for Moscow Art Theatre, the performance "Seryozha" based on "Anna the Kareniny" Leo Tolstoy. Here what he tells about work with Zhenovachem:dmitry Krymov the director "We are familiar with him long ago, generally on GITIS. He came, saw my performances, and I him, we mutually respected each other. When he has come, work went already in full operation, but he has continued it, Seryozha so confusedly persuaded me not to call. I'm saying: "Why?". He has answered: "Well, somehow inconveniently. I am Seryozha". I: "Not, it not about you, it I about Anna Arkadyevna Karenina's son". He: interfered in any way yet work isn't finished, maybe, still ahead yet, but he, in my opinion, not from those who interfere". In "Gogol center" — new edition of "Idiots" of Kirill Serebrennikov. Five years ago it was his first performance put for this scene. On her — the table of the judge and the monkey house, Lars von Trier's dialogues now remounted will look absolutely differently. Will play next week, there is no date of the most anticipated premiere — statements according to the book "Petrov in Flu and around Him" — yet. In Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko's Moscow musical theater in a year of the 100 anniversary renew the grandiose opera of 2012 "War and peace", open for her Prokofiev's festival. The Bolshoi Theatre has to present Candida. For the musical critic of Moskovskij Komsomolets Ekaterina Kretova he the main premiere has begun an oseni:ekaterin Kretova the musical critic of the Moskovskij Komsomolets newspaper "Is also lines of the musical there, and it is written to too time as quite traditional academic opera. She is written by the great composer Leonard Bernshtayn to whom this year, literally in August, 100 years are executed. This performance is put by the young director who has already very brightly proved to be in musicals, the person to whom the Broadway standards aren't by hearsay known — Alexey Frandetti. This for me, probably, the most anticipated premiere". One more important event — already the fourth moving of Театра.doc. There was no artistic director Mikhail Ugarov and the director Elena Gremina in the spring, and now the theater at the request of residents is moved from the house to Maly Kazenny Lane. There is no poster for September. To add to your sources of news?



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