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I humiliated men in VKontakte. The feminist from Omsk is suspected of extremism

Lyubov Kalugina.
As Lyubov Kalugina has reported, a certain resident of Birobidzhan whom she doesn't know has complained of her posts. SK Lyubov Kalugina conducts investigation verification. Photo: a screen from video by Lyubov Kalugina on Youtube Investigating authorities have suspected the radical feminist from Omsk of extremism because of her sharp statements about men in a social network of VKontakte. Lyubov Kalugina has reported about it to analytical center "Sova". Last year a certain resident of Birobidzhan has complained to security officers of her posts. As Lyubov Kalugina has told Business FM, who is he such, she doesn't know: "I practically know nothing about this person. The operative from the center of counteraction to extremism has mentioned in the first official talk which was led a year ago that he from Birobidzhan. It doesn't speak to me about anything, I have no acquaintances from there. Last time a year ago to me and my lawyer have allowed to get acquainted with materials of investigation verification, this time haven't allowed to examine. If there is nothing new and everything, as last year, then 90% there — jokes and dismantling between feminists where men are practically not mentioned. When there was the second investigation verification on August 15, have told that there is a prospect of initiation of legal proceedings, by it have made some linguistic examination, this examination has found in me tremendous extremism, and they are going to initiate proceedings". Investigators have checked 12 publications of Kalugina for 2013-2016. The analytical center Sova notes that the most part of records is really directed against men, but posts differ "on extent of aggression". Some contain rough humour, in others there are signs of humiliation of advantage and appeals to violence. Analysts of Sova have also emphasized that the requirement about removal of such posts would be appropriate, but there is no need for criminal prosecution: the radical feminism in Russia has no tradition of real use of violence. High-profile cases about arousing hatred on the basis of sex in Russia weren't yet, the lawyer Suren Avanesyan:suren Avanesyan the lawyer "Says the notorious 282nd article of the Criminal code provides criminal liability for arousing hatred or hostility or humiliation of human dignity as well on the bases of sex. I won't remember practice on similar affairs today. The similar situation was with the 210th article of the Criminal code providing criminal liability for the organization of criminal community. This article has been adopted within fight against organized criminal structures, has been aimed at fight against large, really criminal syndicates. Solvability under this article was required, but many investigators didn't want neither to risk, nor to trouble themselves, and the fact that the 210th article, that is participation or the organization of criminal community for a number of the crimes committed as a part of a group of persons changed was result of it, investigators claimed that this crime is committed as a part of organized criminal community, received convictions, detected crimes п



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