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"I am a part of resistance": NYT has published an anonymous column of the official of administration of Trump

In The New York Times interesting publication: the author assures that he is an employee of the White House who together with adherents sabotages decisions of the current U.S. President. Trump in a manner peculiar to him has answered on Twitter, having called article "spineless" Donald Trump. Photo: Leah Millis/Reuters Is updated in 14:32B of one of the most influential newspapers The New York Times of the USA anonymous article of a certain "high-ranking official of administration" is published. The author of material accuses the American leader Donald Trump of the total absence of moral reference points and inadequate behavior menacing to national security. In a column, in particular, it is said that many key figures in the White House and the ministries are a part of "resistance" to Trump: advance the republican agenda, but sabotage or level the most extreme rushes of the president. The anonymous article, for example, in Vedomosti written by the Deputy Prime Minister or the Assistant to the President would be the Russian analog of such statement. Trump has already published the small address to citizens in the account in Twitter. The speech in him sounds hardly no more chaotically, than its usual already tangled реплики:Дональд Trump the U.S. President "Sometime when I stop being the president, I hope, it will be in five-six years, NYT, CNN and all these false media will go bankrupt because they have nothing will write. Nobody did what was made by this administration. They don't like Donald Trump, and I don't like them because they are very dishonest people. I will remind about NYT. When I have won elections, they had to apologize to subscribers. Have published the letter with apologies, it happened for the first time in the history because they mistakenly lit elections. NYT publishes an anonymous author's column, you represent, anonymous, so spineless column. We perfectly have a work, our ratings just fine. Do you know that? Nobody even near me will stand in 2020 because of that how many we have made. We have made more, than someone ever expected, hasn't passed also two years". The Failing New York Times! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) on September 5, 2018. It should be noted that actually The New York Times didn't apologize to subscribers after elections, and Trump's ratings are near minima since the beginning of this year. The protrampovsky press already blows about a palace revolution, antitrampovsky editions ask about intellectual health of Trump. How painful can be such column for the U.S. President? It is just next anonymous letter or level of the official and scales of reaction speak about gravity of situation? The Americanist Mikhail Taratuta:mikhail Taratuta the journalist "Comments if all his troubles were such big as this, then, I think, nothing terrible because it is not scandal - it is just ascertaining of the fact: he has opponents in administration. At him now the biggest problem — to cope with Coen's testimonies, it is time. The second is to provide maximum at



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