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Human measurement from Vladimir Putin. Georgy Bovt's comment

Georgy Bovt.
Earlier Dmitry Medvedev has spoken raising the retirement age so: "There are decisions which are for various reasons necessary. It as bitter medicine". Now probably the president will order to bring other means as it too strongly tastes bitter Georgy Bovt. Photo: Mikhail of Fomichev/TASS the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has shortly spoken on August 28 on raising the retirement age at a meeting with members of the government in Omsk which has taken place without participation of the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. The president has noted that the government by preparation of the bill "was guided by tough economic, financial, demographic calculations", and it was correct — such calculations have to be. At the same time reform has caused, according to him, "the expected reaction — rather heated debates in society". The president has also emphasized that "all our steps have to be system and comprehensively counted; we are obliged to consider a real situation in economy and in labor market, have to understand what waits for the country through ten, twenty and even in thirty years". Putin has also referred to Louis XIV: "We can't be guided by the known principle of "king sun" Louis XIV who has somehow told: "After me — though a flood". We can't act this way if responsibly to treat the country". According to the president, "it is impossible to work mechanically, formally here, only deliberately and only it is careful, to reckon with the most different life situations against which people come up". "It — human measurement — has to be present also at the offered standards of the bill" — he has said. The situation is commented by Georgy Bovt. Most likely, the televised address of Vladimir Putin which it has been announced the day before will contain concrete parameters of mitigation of pension reform. They can provide reduction of the threshold of a retirement age for men and women for two-five years, delay of rates of transition to a new retirement age, preservation of these or those privileges attached today by 60 and 55 years respectively. About two weeks ago the prime minister Medvedev has told about reform so: "There are decisions which are for various reasons necessary. It as bitter medicine. The person doesn't want to drink it, but understands that if he doesn't drink this medicine, everything can end much worse". Then Medvedev on public wasn't shown two weeks that has generated different rumors about his political health, however on August 28 his press service has extended a photo and video of a meeting with the acting the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Nikitin. Now the president will order to bring other medicine as it too strongly tastes bitter. In two weeks in the country — the uniform voting day during which mass, though deaf, very deaf discontent with raising the retirement age can strongly damage to results of United Russia which only in the Duma voted for the bill in the first reading. Now she will have honor to propagandize new, more humane parameters of reform. And that even



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