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How to live 100 years. Demand for biohacking grows in Russia

It is about a system upgrade of an organism - it is mix of fanatical observance of ZOZh and administration of drugs, reaches also intervention in DNA. One actively earn from biohacking, others — warn about its danger of the Photo: the Biohacker decides on radical experiments with a body with the purpose to make himself happier, is more hardy, quicker than the ordinary inhabitant of the planet. In the West the whole market of biohacking which volume is measured by billions of dollars was already created. Each his consumer has an individual program of a self-upgrade. Most of them people with high income. At biohacking as the phenomenon three types of followers. The first change own DNA, injections of the medicines which sometimes haven't passed tests stick to themselves. Among them there are scientists, researchers, and there are also any passers-by risking the life. The second seek to become mix of a cyborg and the person, implant microchips and other devices in a body. But there is the third direction, less extreme. Just it becomes mass and has reached Russia. Mix of the healthy lifestyle brought to the absolute by systemacity of diets, a dream, trainings and meditations with administration of drugs. Physical indicators are regularly measured, tests are made. The digital copy of health is created. Everything as in big-time sports, the sports physiologist, the trainer Jan Bravy says: Jan Bravy is a sports physiologist, the trainer "In sport this in general normal phenomenon for 50 years when without regular tracking of the state in any way, athletes as biohackers. The hormonal status, genetics and level of physical activity, level of recovery processes, food, a dream — all this has always been included in sport, but wasn't called biohacking. Was called, let us assume, "monitoring of a training load". It is perceived by professionals as a new fashionable word". On service of biohacking in Russia demand only begins to develop. Triathletes, for example, are ready to pay for it. Most of potential clients haven't enough understanding so far what is the correct biohacking. They risk and pass a difficult way independently: train, meditate, sleep according to the schedule, keep to the mode and a diet and, the main thing, take the drugs. For example, antidepressants, hormones of growth and, of course, dietary supplements, the therapist, the cardiologist says, the medical blogger Philip Kuzmenko:filipp Kuzmenko is therapist, the cardiologist, the medical blogger "Adherents of evidential medicine take a broad view of all this the eyes opened from surprise. Any conclusion can be drawn only after carrying out carefully put experiment with observance of all protocols and rules. The young biohacker Vasya will want to improve himself and will begin to take various drugs without appointment of the doctor. Any medicamentous medicine has such concept as "the indication to application". There is no indication "I want to become stronger", such medicine doesn't exist. Having read on the Internet, having got acquainted with medicine pharmacokinetics, they consider that it can help them somehow. There are no researches on this subject".



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