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Have paid wholly. Vasily Utkin has disclosed the fee sum from Channel One for work at a WC

The commentator has received 783 thousand rubles for one match between Spain and Portugal. According to experts, this sum includes compensation for a rupture of the contract with TV channel Vasily Utkin. Photo: Artem Geodakyan / TASS the Journalist Vasily Utkin has reported in Facebook that the Channel One has paid him the fee for work on the FIFA World Cup. The commentator has received 783 thousand rubles for one match between Spain and Portugal. Right after this match Utkin's cooperation with Channel One has been stopped therefore the received sum, most likely, includes compensation for a rupture of the contract. Alexey Samokhvalov the director of the National research center of television and radio "I think what, of course, the fees of the leading popular sporting events is a business contractual. And in order that there were no similar conflicts as now here with our famous journalist Utkin, I think, it is necessary to sign to TV companies the contract which would provide the bases for refusal of services of these TV hosts in the course of this work for which agreed. Perhaps, there has to be then a partial payment. Unfortunately, still this practice of the conclusion of urgent employment contracts with creative specialists, including television commentators who are engaged in sports programs, isn't worked out. On the other hand, of course, we understand that the fees rather high, and, maybe, the person of it hasn't earned. But, probably, also our large companies shouldn't put then journalists in any here such uncertain conditions, and to define everything accurately: we hadn't liked your first comment, we from your services have the right to refuse and pay some otstupny sum — we will assume, 150-250 thousand rubles". Earlier Utkin said in the press that he has learned about discharge next day after the match on the way to Rostov-on-Don. Who exactly made this decision and on what reason, the journalist doesn't speak. He also denies the fact that his posts in social networks which, in particular, concern the politician Alexei Navalny could influence dismissal. According to Utkin, at signing of the contract these questions weren't even discussed. The journalist has excluded pressure from above as the decision on his employment was made personally by the head of Channel One Konstantin Ernst. Earlier Utkin has promised that he will round the sum in 783 thousand to one million and will give it to charity foundation "Vykhod" which helps people with frustration of an autistic range. The journalist has also noted that he has finished with football comments so far. To add to your sources of news?



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