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Harassment in volleyball. Finland investigates harassments of Russians to the Finnish sportswomen

Girls claim that at competitions in Portugal athletes from team of the Dagestan state university stuck to them. Earlier Portuguese police as a result of investigation hasn't found corpus delicti of the Photo: the Police of Finland and the authorities of Portugal have begun to investigate case of sexual harassments with participation of the Russian athletes. It is reported on the website of the Finnish government. It is about the events which have taken place at the European university games in the city of Coimbra. The Finnish volleyball players claim that for several days the Russian athletes from volleyball team of the Dagestan state university stuck to them. There were several episodes. Once the trainer of Russians has approached the volleyball player and has allegedly seized her behind. There was another time a rape attempt, the representative of the Finnish delegation has told journalists. He claimed that sportswomen from Norway have also faced harassments. In the Russian sport don't realize that a subject of floors and a harassment today one of key at all conferences on sport in the world, the theorist of sport comments, the president of the World society of ethnosport Alexey Kylasov:aleksey Kylasov the associate professor of management and marketing of the sports industry of REU of Plekhanov "Recently the sexual perspective becomes, perhaps, the hottest topic. For example, only this year a subject of a meeting CIGEPS is the international council for a physical education and sport of UNESCO — the problem "Women and sport" was taken out, there was the international conference "Women and Sport" in Africa. Thus, it is possible to conclude that it not so much continuation of a harassment how many some general global agenda, in which questions of sexual relationship are raised. We in the country have no sports management. If they were aware of what occurs in the world, then, of course, they would conduct work on prevention, on prevention, explanations as now in the world it is better to behave. In Soviet period such work was conducted, and now it is considered that it is superfluous. And we reap the fruits". Earlier Portuguese police already made investigation and hasn't found corpus delicti. The Dagestan volleyball players have answered that between them and the Finnish sportswomen there was a misunderstanding because of a language barrier. According to them, once they have noticed the crying girl in hotel and have tried to console her, but that has run away into number. Volleyball players have followed for her, but haven't let them inside. The sportswoman has called police officers who, without having found corpus delicti in actions of students, didn't begin to detain anybody. Actions of the Russian athletes of Business FM were commented by the Russian volleyball player Natalia Goncharova. By her experience, acquaintances between girls and guys out of the sports ground not a redkost:nataliya Goncharova is the Russian volleyball player, the world champion of 2010, the two-time champion of Europe, the Honoured Master of Sports of Russia "Seems to me that to Russians, especially to men of the Caucasian appearance, the captious relation. Athletes mno



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