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Gurevich: even it is less chances of application of the bill of work of RuNet, than at the blonde — to meet a dinosaur

Authors of the document are senators Andrey Klishas and Lyudmila Bokova and also the deputy Andrey Lugovoi. He was supported by the government and profile departments of the Photo: Is updated in 11:36gosduma on February 12 will consider the bill which his opponents called so in the first reading: "About completely autonomous RuNet". Authors insist that it is the document on steady work of RuNet. It is supposed to create independent infrastructure for smooth functioning of the Russian segment of the Internet if, for example, to disconnect it from global network.
Besides, the bill, according to authors, will allow to avoid accidental blocking of innocent resources — "that there were no cases when blocked some, and blocked Google".

the Document were prepared by senators Andrey Klishas, Lyudmila Bokova and the deputy Andrey Lugovoi. It is specified that acceptance of an initiative and realization will not demand expenses from the federal budget. Therefore the business community is concerned that expenses on installation and equipment maintenance for the analysis of traffic will lay down on the Internet company, and expenses, by different estimates, can make from 2 billion to 20 billion rubles. In the State Duma in day of consideration suddenly there was a collision: the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that Lugovoi is not the author of this bill. However, Lugovoi disproved it: Zhirinovsky: We have in the agenda Paragraph 11 on the autonomous Internet, authors — Klishas, Bokova and the deputy of our fraction Lugovoi. We remove its surname, he is not the author of this law, and the fraction will not vote for this law.

Lugovoi: I do not withdraw the signature from the bill. Moreover, I want as the deputy also to act, though I am not a speaker. The speaker appointed Lyudmila Bokova. The LDPR said that will punish Lugovoi, having applied to it disciplinary мерыЗаконопроект supported the government and profile departments. However, the government recommended to determine financing sources by providing operators with the necessary equipment. However some participants of the market in principle consider

an initiative superfluous, the Internet ombudsman, the president of Radius Group Dmitry Marinichev continues: Dmitry Marinichev the president of Radius Group "The bill in principle inherently has no relation to trouble-free operation of network of the Russian segment the Internet on condition of shutdown or any situations from external because it can do it also so now, and in it there are no problems. The bill more likely of the return — about total control of traffic control in the territory of the Russian Federation by equipment installation on networks of operators and remote management of it: monitoring and respectively routing. In general the declared objectives in any way are not achieved by it, it has other properties and other technological capabilities and features". Nevertheless in Mail.Ru the bill was supported too: if all threats against which the bill is directed are implemented, first of all the companies whose business is connected with the Internet will suffer, noted предс



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