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FT: Danske Bank was suspected of washing of 30 billion dollars from Russia

It is the Danish bank, and it is about his Estonian office. The peak of transactions has fallen on 2013. Whether it is possible to trust data according to which money was Russian? Photo: Ints Kalnins/Reuters the Danish Danske Bank was suspected of washing of 30 billion dollars from Russia. The attack concerning the financial organization does The Financial Times with reference to the consulting report. At the same time the statement that money was Russian can be called into question I have decided to make bright heading: "Through scandalous division of Danske Bank there have passed 30 billion dollars of the Russian money". It is about the Estonian office of bank: allegedly verification of nonresident accounts has established that through division of the company in a year there passed tens of billions of dollars of unknown origin. 2013 is designated peak of transactions — then the sum has reached 30 billion dollars. However, already in the first paragraph of article it becomes clear that money was not "Russian", and "Russian and ex-Soviet" — it is probable, the capitals from the republics of the former USSR mean. Besides, it isn't absolutely clear from where data on such origin. To the third paragraph when FT begins to refer to the report of concrete konsalter, money is called just "nonresident". Perhaps, the Russian accessory of money is the conclusion of journalists based on proximity of Estonia to Russia. At last, to the middle of article the newspaper in general makes a reservation that "not all transactions can be suspicious", but it is an obligation of Danske Bank — to convince the European regulators that his Estonian division wasn't used for money laundering. Danske Bank has already commented on a situation. "All are interested in that conclusions were drawn on the basis of the checked facts, but not fragmented data taken out of a context" — the statement of the financial organization provides Financial Times. The report of Danske Bank following the results of internal investigation has to be published within a month. At the same time even if the money passing through Danske Bank hasn't been connected with Russia, for establishment and its clients serious problems can wait. Suspicions of participation in money laundering — already big danger to bank. The partner of a komapniya of Paragon Advice Group Alexander Zakharov:aleksandr Zakharov the partner of Paragon Advice Group "Comments I suspect that if it is talked about passing of dollar assets, here it can cause concern of FINSENA, the U.S. Treasury or management on control of foreign assets. In this case just already at emergence of suspicions of transactions on money laundering, I think, the bank can be closed as well as ABLV in Latvia, that is Danske Bank is threatened at least by penalties and as a maximum — closing completely. Just if to take the case ABLV which was just liquidated on only one suspicion even in principle to Americans you shouldn't prove and they won't need to prove that the European regulator in principle has made the decision on revocation of license of this credit institution. It can really occur



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