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From Great Britain there is no delivery? The court has denied the request for extradition of the ex-co-owner of "Trust"

Ilya Yurov.
Such decision on request for Ilya Yurov's delivery was made by court of Westminster, and it is a precedent. As the reason human rights violation in Russia Ilya Yurov is called. Photo: Pyotr Sivkov/TASS Great Britain has refused to give to Russia the co-owner of Trust bank Ilya Yurov accused of financial crimes, and it is a precedent. The magistrate's court of Westminster has considered an extradition to Russia violating human rights. In the conclusion it is told about political bias of processes concerning large businessmen in Russia and also about a condition of the Russian penal system. Actually British court has refused to consider the merits of the case. The judge, in particular, has considered that the Russian authorities won't be able to provide to Yurov worthy contents in case of his delivery.

the Situation is commented by the chairman of the board of the Moscow legal agency Alexey Linetskiy:aleksey Linetsky the chairman of the board of the Moscow legal agency "In Great Britain as we know, the case law, and when the judgment has directly described such serious reasons for delivery refusal as human rights violations when keeping prisoners in Russia, and the political motivation of economic charges, it can form the basis in the future to courts of Great Britain actually on the automatic machine to refuse an extradition by inquiries of Russia, especially under economic articles works. Despite the last statements that the authorities of Great Britain will check very carefully origin of the capitals especially from Russia, at the same time actually Great Britain proclaims this judgment a most favored nation treatment for reception of persons who take cover from search under economic articles if such search proceeds from Russia. The situation is rather strange, and it is unclear how Great Britain is going to fight against dirty money from Russia if she refuses to cooperate with the Russian law-enforcement system". Yurov has gone to Great Britain after the Trust bank has been transferred to sanitation in December, 2014. In Russia he is accused of waste and assignment of means. According to the investigators, the management of bank brought assets of Trust to accounts of the Cyprian offshores. Whether it is possible to tell that such approach of the British court will only provoke other financial criminals in Russia? The director of the center of politological researches of the Financial university Pavel Salin:pavel Salin the director of the Center of politological researches of Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation "Argues this motivation will be counterbalanced with other moment. The matter is that with the end of last year on Russians in London, not ordinary Russians, but representatives of the highest middle class mean above, serious informal impact is made, demand to explain origin of money if they bought any real estate. That is, on the one hand and, this decision will increase appeal including among representatives of the Russian elite there is an appeal of the British jurisdiction as the countries-ubezhi



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