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Founders of Instagram leave Facebook Inc.

Mike Krieger (at the left) and Kevin Sistrom.
Thus, Zuckerberg's company leaves two top managers of affiliated service — after departure of the founder of WhatsApp Jan Kum. In what the reason how it will affect the largest social network and what Sistrom and Krieger will be engaged now in? Mike Krieger (at the left) and Kevin Sistrom. Photo: Stephen Chernin/Reuters Founders of Instagram leave Facebook after the founder of WhatsApp. The Internet giant loses two more top managers of affiliated service. As they say in the statement of co-founders of Instagram Kevin Sistrom and Mike Krieger, they intend "to investigate the curiosity and creativity again". Businessmen didn't call the concrete reasons, but, according to Bloomberg, friction in Mark Zuckerberg's company against the background of series of scandals over Facebook became an occasion. Earlier in the spring the corporation was left by the founder of WhatsApp Jan Kum — then in the press also wrote about the conflict in the management of Facebook. Whether it is necessary to worry about the future of Instagram, Whatsapp and Zuckerberg's child in general? The creator of comments, the Internet expert Anton Merkurov: is absolutely normal process when one people come, others leave — Instagram develops. Allocation even in the stand-alone program of the special platform for trade is now planned. It is a big ecosystem, Instagram will outgrow Facebook soon, and is absolutely normal that people come and leave, everything changes, life flows. Nothing terrible happens to Instagram, everything so far in the nearest future remains well. — It isn't connected with Facebook in any way what in general the social network endures quite such large crisis? — The social network Facebook which really loses popularity and so on and is still a heap of products around her — both Whatsapp, and Instagram, and other others. And there is still a set of other investments. But actually, I think, it isn't connected with the general mood in any way. There everything is various and interesting. Sistrom and Krieger have founded Instagram in 2010. In two years capitalization of the company was estimated at 500 million dollars, and soon Facebook has redeemed competitors for one billion. Creators of service remained the CEO and the technical director now of affiliated service of Facebook. Today 34-year-old Sistrom and 32-year-old Krieger's total state is estimated at 2 billion dollars. What businessmen plan to be engaged further in, they haven't reported. To add to your sources of news?



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