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For strong Europe. The Foreign Minister of Germany has written article about the relations with the USA

Heiko Maas.
Heiko Maas considers that transatlantic partnership needs to be overestimated and in it Europe Heiko Maas has to undertake an initiative. Photo: It is time for Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters of the Relation between the USA and Europe to change, Heiko Maas considers. Article of the Foreign Minister of Germany "For the balanced transatlantic partnership" was published by Handelsblatt. Maas argues on a condition of the relations between Europe and the USA. The minister uses a formulation of Europe United: it is the idea of strong Europe which has to take the lead in dialogue with Washington which more and more is moving away from Brussels. "The key purpose of our foreign policy — creation of sovereign, strong Europe. Only in close cooperation with France and other Europeans it is possible to achieve balance with the USA. The binding force of the conflict of the West and East is history. These changes have begun long before Trump's election and, most likely, will endure his presidency. That is why I am skeptical when some inveterate трансатлантик advises us to wait this presidency. Time to overestimate our partnership — not to refuse him, but to update and keep has come. We will create balance where the USA will cross the red line where we will transfer our weight there from where America where we will begin new dialogue leaves". What has moved Heiko Maas to writing of such article and whether it is possible to speak about distancing of the Old World from Washington? Alexander Rar is a journalist, the political scientist "Heiko Maas is the typical Westerner who is focused by all the career, thinking, identity on the liberal values, it for him above all. He was shocked from which just about departs that America, from his point of view, from the point of view of Germany begins to destroy these liberal values on which, from the point of view of Heiko Maas, all West keeps. As the person with such position he has to reflect what to do next. The fact that he writes now, speaks, it first of all calling to Americans to come round and not to betray the liberal values". Also the minister has expressed the need to enhance autonomy of Europe by creation of the payment channels independent of the USA. It both the European Monetary Fund, and independent SWIFT system, the Foreign Minister has explained. Heiko Maas holds a post of the Minister of Foreign Affairs since March, 2018. In June Trump claimed that Germany is in hostages at Moscow because the German authorities invest in the Russian energy projects. Angela Merkel categorically hasn't agreed with his words and has reminded that Germany — the second largest supplier of the military personnel in NATO. To add to your sources of news?



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