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Fedun has headed media rating

The owner of Spartak has made article about how to save the Russian soccer. Besides, noticeable movement at the president of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevsky Leonid Fedun. Photo: Valery of Sharifulin/TASS the Medialogiya Company especially for has made the ratings of the companies and businessmen of week. Ratings are prepared on the basis of Mediaindeks — an indicator of Medialogiya which reflects quality of presence of the companies and persons in an information field. The more the Mediaindeksa value, especially is bright and positive presence of the company or the person at media, the her image created by media is more positive. By preparation of rating 4 516 224 publications of media from 24 till September 30, 2018 have been analysed. The company a nedelilider according to Mediaindeks has Sberbank of Russia. He since September 26 has started the mobile operator in the industrial mode under the new Sbermobayl brand. The most noticeable movement in media rating at the Aeroflot company. The airline has blacklisted the first three passengers for an uproar onboard, four more are under consideration, the CEO of airline Vitali Savelev.Top-10 of the companies has told journalists недели:№ПеремещениеКомпанияМедиаИндекс10Сбербанк49 482,22 1Apple41 146,83 4 Rostelecom 31 312,54 2RZhD30 488,55-3VTB30 300,16 2 Rosatom 26 436,87-2 Rosneft 23 666,28 27 Aeroflot 22 660,19 5 "Yandex" 19 17610-6 Gazprom 17 455,5businessmeny a nedelilider according to Mediaindeks there was Leonid Fedun. The owner of Spartak has made in Sport-Express article about how to save the Russian soccer. The most noticeable movement in rating at Mikhail Oseevsky. His Rostelecom has presented a new brand and positioning. As the president of the company has explained, there was a wish to leave from an image of the company which provides services of telephone communication. "The new logo symbolizes advance and development of digital technologies" — he has noted. Top-10 businessmen недели:№ПеремещениеПерсонаМедиаИндекс1 29 Leonid Fedun
of FC Spartak of 9 069,12-1dmitriya Rogozin
Roskosmos 7 2803 118 Vitaly Savelyev
Aeroflot 6 095,34 82 Alisher Usmanov
of USM Holdings5 717,150oleg Deripaska
"Russian cars" 5 103,36 1 Alexey Miller
Gazprom 4 671,17 425 Sergey Kelbakh
Avtodor 4 2368-5german Gref
Sberbank4 079,59 56 Jeff Bezos
of Blue Origin3 86210 445 Mikhail Oseevsky
Rostelecom 3 328,9 to Add to your sources of news?



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