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Exchange analysts of Business FM: the large-scale crisis similar with Asian is about to happen 1998

The main reason of decline of Turkish lira — trade deficit because of the high prices of oil, the same picture develops in India. If they are followed by other large countries, flight of the capital will begin with all emerging markets in dollar and sharp falling of staple prices. Whether the ruble will survive after that? Photo: Laszlo Balogh/Reuters the U. S. Congress has published the bill according to new sanctions. The official version differs from earlier published on one page. There it is told that sanctions can be imposed against any financial instrument with a repayment period more than 14 days which the American president will count as the Russian national debt. The market has practically not reacted to this publication. According to analysts, all wait in what look the document will be accepted as a result. But except sanctions is what to be afraid. Exchange analysts of Business FM speak for a long time about the imminent large-scale crisis which will remind Asian 1998. We will begin with Turkey where the main reason of decline of lira — at all not Trump, and the growing trade deficit. And his reason — the high prices of oil which Turkey completely buys, as well as gas. According to the analyst of Business FM Vladimir Levchenko, the same picture develops also in India. If after Turkey other larger countries follow, business can come to an end in flight of the capital from all emerging markets in dollar and sharp falling of staple prices. Whether the ruble will survive after that? Evgeny Kogan the managing director of the Moscow Partners company "Turkey is not the first country at which problems have begun after interest rates in America have begun to be raised, and the capital for a long time, already the last half a year, flows on the market first of all of the USA, there is a strengthening globally of dollar against all other currencies, especially the tendency has amplified in the last one or two months. Perhaps, Turkey will be followed by someone else. In principle, it isn't excluded at all. Those markets where there are saved-up problems, imbalances, a big debt will crack further. The most interesting that for Russia all this situation, strangely enough, is quite comfortable: ruble and, he sinks, but for other reasons — sanctions". Other bubble — stocks of the American technological companies. They grow, and nobody knows where the end. But if the bubble bursts, it is besides general financial crisis. Which even if everything occurs in America, leads to flight in dollar first of all. On the other hand, the burst bubble could become a gift to the world, the asset manager of the International fund of private investments Alexander Dushkin says. Alexander Dushkin the asset manager of the International fund of private investments "The current capitalization of the North American companies, certainly, shows that they are in a maniacal state. It so, but it won't be a serious problem for the world as it is a financial bubble, but not a bubble provided with assets and the large-scale credits. On the contrary, it can be very good everything for the world around because if it is large-scale crash, then in it



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