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Evgeny Makarov — the prisoner who was tortured in the Yaroslavl colony was released

Evgeny Makarov.
He it had the fifth criminal record. The lawyer says that the issue of providing state protection to Makarov is now resolved, and the staff of FSIN can put pressure upon him Evgeny Makarov. Photo: Sergey the Victim of tortures in the Yaroslavl colony prisoner Evgeny Makarov was released Blizzard/TASS. He became known after the publication in Novaya Gazeta of ten-minute video where he is beaten by supervisors of colony. The issue with providing state protection to it is now resolved, the lawyer Makarova Eduard Luzin has told. "The staff of FSIN can put pressure upon Evgeny, for him there is a danger" — the defender has said. He is quoted by TASS. Makarov served sentence in corrective labor colony No. 1 — since 2012 under the article "deliberate causing heavy harm to health". It was his fifth criminal record. Being a minor, he was put on probation for theft, then — several probations for fights and drawing heavy injuries. I have got to colony after in the period of a trial period I have put several knife wounds to the acquaintance. Here that was told by Makarov, having been released

on October 2, on air of "Rain": "Have created the small slave state. Don't give in general any freedoms to people, constantly scoff. Even now, when I was released, I have written the application, two copies of the application with a request my last money which remained on personal account, to transfer to charity foundation. They and that haven't made it, and have written off him for the needs". After trials with involvement of the Investigative Committee of Russia and human rights activists on the case of Makarov's beating 17 employees of the Yaroslavl colony have been discharged of fulfillment of duties, 13 defendants in the case — are arrested. Through the whole country have undergone testing of correctional facilities. Here that has told Business FM the observer of "MK", the vice-chairman of public monitoring commission of Moscow Eve Merkachyova:eva Merkachyova of the vice-president of Public monitoring commission of Moscow "The checking commissions have been created in each subject. They have reported that haven't found any violations, the facts of abuse of authority — anything of that kind. Then FSIN has taken the second detour of checks, and as a result checked already checking. At this stage they have found a lot of violations. As we were told in the management of FSIN, criminal cases upon these materials have been brought. They have transferred materials to Investigative Committee, well, actually, all has twirled. In particular, there, of course, all materials made of video cuttings when there was a person, and all applications of specifics and force in relation to the prisoner were fixed there. We, of course, want to believe that it is not a single action. As will be further, it is difficult to tell. Now FSIN kind of, first of all, works on that in general any contacts with prisoners registered in video. But for this purpose, as they already spoke to us, many means will be required. About 16 billion budget money which will go not only for purchase of video recorders and video cameras, but that



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