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Don't switch. Whether Russians are ready to refusal of analog TV?

Will begin to disconnect him since January 1. How to be prepared for it and whether Russians with old TVs will be able to look at the New Year's address of the president? Photo: of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications has warned about excessive demand for Set-top boxes in the end of the year. The matter is that since January 1 on the federal channels will begin to turn off analog telecasting. The Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Alexey Volin has told about this TASS. At the same time the regional companies will make the decision independently and "will be able to broadcast in an analog until they have on it money and desire", Volin has added. According to the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, the share of those who use analog telecasting makes 10% of all spectator audience today. Generally it is owners of old TVs without set-top box. In all modern devices he is. Need of shutdown of analog broadcasting for the ministry was explained with the fact that it is subsidized from the federal budget, and it is excess loading. Digital broadcasting allows to transmit through a multiplex not one, and at once several channels. It considerably cuts down expenses on signal transmission. And those whose TVs accept only analog broadcasting, should get a prefix, the editor-in-chief of the Teleskop agency Evgeny Kuzin says: Evgeny Kuzin the editor-in-chief of the Teleskop agency "The radio digital signal and radio analog work in parallel. For the state and for operators it is double loading which isn't necessary to them. Of course, they want from it to get rid quicker. A part of the viewers, especially in towns, still accepts a telesignal on the ordinary antenna. I can't tell that it is strongly difficult: for example, if to take some village where ten yards and live people of very advanced age, all the same someone one who is able to recustomize the channel on the ordinary TV, will deal also with this prefix. In fact, to connect the antenna, to connect a wire to the TV and to press a key of autotune of channels". The refusal of analog broadcasting was announced long ago, and many have already got necessary prefixes so the agiotage will hardly be, the press secretary of M.Video Regina Rodnyanskaya:regina Rodnyanskaya the press secretary of M.Video "Believes demand for the last two-three years was rather equal. We sold about five-six thousand prefixes monthly and in the short term we don't expect excessive demand though insignificant growth is possible just because now the audience will be informed more actively on transition to digital broadcasting. The budget can be very different. Prefixes of the DVB-T2 format, the most standard prefixes for transition to digital broadcasting, cost within 2000 rubles. They are established to any TV which is connected to the antenna". But even those who won't manage to make it till January 1 shouldn't be upset. As the Deputy Minister of Communications Alexey Volin has promised, the New Year's address of the president and "A blue spark" will look at everything: ten more days after New year will smoothly take out of service the equipment. To add



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