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Distinguished guest. Putin will arrive to a wedding to Austria

Young people — the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country Karin Knaysl and the exchange investor Wolfgang Meilinger. Earlier the Russian President and the Foreign Minister of Austria didn't advertize friendship. It is remarkable that for the same day at Putin the meeting with Merkel in Berlin by Karin Knaysl (at the left) and Vladimir Putin is scheduled. Photo: Mikhail of Klimentyev/TASS Vladimir Putin will attend a wedding of the Foreign Minister of Austria Marin Knaysl and the exchange investor Wolfgang Meilinger this Saturday, August 18. The fact of a visit was confirmed in the Kremlin. It while on the same day at the head of state the meeting with Angela Merkel in Berlin is scheduled. The friendly relations of Putin with Knaysl weren't known earlier. However, perhaps, all of them exist. This spring Knaysl visited Moscow and before a visit has said that Austria, presiding in Council of the European Union, will support dialogue with Moscow and restoration of trust between the EU and the Russian Federation. At Russia especially close ties were established with Austria today, the historian and the journalist Yaroslav Shimov comments. Yaroslav Shimov is a historian, the journalist "It is necessary to understand that in the present Austrian government of very young chancellor Sebastian Kurz, he is 32 years old of everything, the Party for Freedom enters. And it is party which is known for the close ties with United Russia, and the leader of this party, the current vice-chancellor of Austria of Heinz Christian Shtrakhkhe, several times was in Russia and has even signed with United Russia how to what especially not the binding, but sign agreement "About interparty cooperation". And, besides, it was said not really officially that the Austrian leaders, in particular, the chancellor Kurz, helped to realize Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump's summit in Helsinki". Due to Putin's arrival the Austrian security forces, including, special forces "Cobra", have powerful training, has reported the Kronen Zeitung edition. According to journalists, the special troops have already led several detailed discussions with the bride and the groom on safety. As has told the newspaper a source, on the place snipers will be involved. Also intelligence agencies will accompany Putin from Graz Airport on the venue of an action. The celebration will take place in the south of the State of Styria among vineyards. Irina Zukker is the Vienna guide "It is one of wine-making regions of Austria, one of the most important. There white wines good. There are many worthy places, in Austria in general very good wine, there beautiful landscapes, almost Italian. I willingly believe that wealthy people celebrate weddings there". Karin Knaysl is the Austrian journalist, the diplomat and the politician. She has headed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria in December, 2017. Before marriage she lived in the small town of Zaybersdorf near Vienna where she conducted the farm. During life she lived in eight countries and speaks seven languages. To add to your sources of news?



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