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Deutsche Bank won't change the relation with the Russian government

As has explained to the TASS agency a source in the bank sphere, the letter directed to the Government of the Russian Federation had routine character. Earlier the bank has asked to update client information and has warned that it otherwise will stop business relations of the Photo: Arne Dedert/DPA/TASS Deutsche Bank doesn't feel any concern about actions of the Government of the Russian Federation. Has reported a source in the bank sphere about this TASS. Earlier the Vedomosti newspaper has reported that the Russian government hasn't met the requirement of the London division of Deutsche Bank which within practice "Know the client" asked to provide about itself "the freshest information". The denial has appeared also from other large foreign bank: Has told Credit Suisse that didn't carry out freezing of assets of Russians for 5 billion dollars as earlier mass media reported. At a part of assets the status has changed. Statements of foreign banks wouldn't draw so much attention if not the general strengthening of sanctions rhetoric. On this background the letter of Deutsche Bank to the Russian government looks as additional "hang-up". But, most likely, this story just organizational slip overblown by media the junior director of the bank ratings of the Expert RA agency Vyacheslav Putilovskiy:vyacheslav Putilovsky the junior director of the bank ratings of the Expert RA agency "Speaks Deutsche Bank is one of the oldest partners working in Russia. In particular, in the Soviet Union they worked, in my opinion, from 70th years when there was no Russian banking system per se yet. Besides, Germany — the largest European partner of Russia. It would be very strange if the Deutsche Bank group has refused to work in Russia because of any not sent documents. Certainly, the speech doesn't go that "subsidiaries" of foreign banks will leave Russia because someone hasn't provided someone documents. As for large foreign "daughters", they not bad earn in Russia". A day earlier there was a message that Credit Suisse has frozen assets of Russians approximately for 5 billion Swiss francs. There was a denial later. As has explained bank, these means aren't frozen, these are assets on trust management (Assets under Custody), such is the new status. He had to be changed after recent sanctions taking into account regulatory restrictions from the USA. Actions of Deutsche Bank with the requirement to provide to the Government of the Russian Federation information on itself, probably, aren't connected with the anti-Russian sanctions. Nevertheless whether there is in actions of large foreign banks a hint on possible leaving from the Russian market? So far not, the chief of analytical management of Bank of corporate financing Maxim Osadchiy:maksim Osadchiy the chief of analytical management of Bank of corporate financing "Considers Deutsche Bank, and not his Russian representation, has sent the corresponding message to the Russian government. I don't see any conflict situation here. I think, these are just standard bureaucratic procedures, you shouldn't dramatize. If with abstract exactly



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