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Crisis in Canada: in the country the serious shortage of marijuana

Line at one of shops in Canada.
On Wednesday Canada completely legalized cannabis for use in the recreational purposes. The newborn industry does not cope with the interest of buyers Line at one of shops in Canada yet. Photo: Chris Wattie/Reuters Canada completely legalized marijuana for use in the recreational purposes. The relevant federal law came into force on Wednesday, October 17. Thus, Canada became the second country in the world which legalized the cannabis use (in 2013 it was made by Uruguay). The newborn industry selling legal marijuana does not cope with the interest of buyers: at the state shops huge turns were built, and it is necessary to wait for online orders till several days. The correspondent of CNBC Business Deydra Bosa reports about it: "It is historical day for Canada, at midnight I was present at the first legal sale of not medical marijuana at the most east province of the country — Newfoundland. In shop all were delighted. The turn began to gather long before midnight and was stretched on hundreds of meters. Behind cash desk there was a head of the largest Canadian producer of Canopy Growth marijuana Bruce Linton. This point — only one of one hundred licensed state shops selling cannabis which appeared through the whole country. Next year opening of several more shops is expected. The industry becomes big business: by 2020 market size has to reach 5 billion dollars. The greatest benefit will be received by the regional authorities, budgets of provinces plan to receive more than 2 billion dollars in a type of tax. It is necessary only to watch this grandiose experiment of world scales". According to supporters of reform, legalization of marijuana will allow to bring trade in drug out of a black zone under control of the state, to deprive of income criminal groups and to protect minors. To add to your sources of news?



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