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Collapse of the Federal Registration Service: Maxim Oreshkin has fallen upon Rostelecom with criticism

Maxim Oreshkin.
The head of Ministry of Economics has threatened the company with penalties for failure in work of service. Because of accident in the data-processing center rented at Rostelecom more than 180 thousand raw inquiries Maxim Oreshkin have accumulated. Photo: Mikhail Mettsel / TASS the Head of Ministry of Economics Maxim Oreshkin has threatened Rostelecom with penalties for failure in work of the Federal Registration Service. Because of accident in the data-processing center rented at Rostelecom more than 180 thousand raw inquiries have accumulated. It is said in Oreshkin's letter directed to the Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov. The Federal Registration Service also has decided to postpone transition to the system of maintaining the Unified State Register of the Real Estate (USRRE) provided with Rostelecom in 34 regions. At the moment the system is introduced in 49 regions. In the letter it is noted that Rostelecom under the contract has undertaken to provide to the Federal Registration Service failure-safe infrastructure. On the solution of serious problems of the company no more than four hours are given. However failure lasted 66 hours and has led to a full stop of all servers of the EGRN system. On her complete recovery can be required up to three weeks. Earlier in Rosreeestr designated the expected date of recovery of work — on August 31. All waiting, the general counsel of the Tver real estate agency "Paramonov" Elena Sadykova says: — Terms of registration of real estate units detain. The portal very badly works, to receive extracts on objects extremely difficult therefore at notaries of the transaction we can't carry out. — How does this history long proceed? — Within this month. Clients, naturally, complain. Clients write complaints on the website of the Federal Registration Service. Leave comments that there has taken place somehow registration because there are a lot of mortgage transactions, people can't receive credit money. — In respect of repair something to you is promised? They say, when it will get better all? — Everything that officially, on the website of the Federal Registration Service. They say that today last day. We hope, since Monday everything will become better. It is clear that when the new system while it is rolled is introduced, anyway failures happen therefore we with understanding approach it, we wait when the situation changes. We wait when earn the websites, we talk to clients, we explain at once, we warn people. Come, understand that anyway sooner or later the program will earn, that is somehow correct the plans. Someone postpones holidays, someone doesn't leave, someone, on the contrary, waits, asks when he earns, give later the transaction we will make when there is a program to work. Meanwhile in Komi a situation already critical. Sergey, the owner of the Syktyvkar agency "Real Estate and Law" speaks: — At us very badly all this business takes place in the Komi Republic. Not to order EGRN though people have a hard cash, people leave, and works as a result of nothing. As the program was changed, doesn't work. Even April — May that is as problems have begun, and the farther, the is more because reduction was, registrars have been laid off. If in the Federal Registration Service it was clean earlier, culturally, now one boxes with affairs cost that. Documents are lost and if



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