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Bureaucratic slalom. The world champion in a snowboard Alyona Zavarzina with scandal leaves Russian national team

Alyona Zavarzina.
The manifesto of the bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games has published Match-TV. She complains of insufficient financing of trainings and trips to competitions — she should undertake many expenses. But whether the outstanding sportswoman at the peak of career will leave? Alyona Zavarzina. Photo: Ruslan of Shamukov/TASS One of the best snowboarders of the present, the world champion and the bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games Alyona Zavarzina with scandal leaves Russian national team on a snowboard. The detailed explanation of the reasons which have induced her to this step is uploaded to the website of Match-TV. Among other things she reports that she didn't get paid also presidential extra charges for the won competitions. Sports functionaries every time got off with the invented reasons and refused to finance her trips to competitions. According to her, she had most to pay a considerable part of expenses which nobody compensated her. Besides, from her demand to undergo profound medical inspection to get the admission on competitions, and in this reason refuse to her financing. According to her, officials constantly and promise much, but do nothing. Here a fragment from Alyona Zavarzina's statement: "I was angry that my career comes to an end thus because of bureaucratic questions. I understood that if desired I can solve these problems. But, having weighed everything pros and cons, I have decided to do nothing. Yes, during career I constantly resolved such issues. But it was for the sake of something — a performance at the Olympic Games, victories in the overall ranking of the World Cup. Now I don't see this purpose. Having won the overall ranking of the World Cup in 2017, I haven't received not that extra charges to salary, and in general salary for the subsequent season. Having taken the fourth place at the Olympic Games — that, unfortunately, is the best result of our team in Pyeongchang — I haven't received compensation for the expenses on the sports psychologist and a presidential grant. I will reveal to you a secret. I try to undergo profound medical inspection two last years. Unsuccessfully. In view of toughening of rules, my standards aren't suitable for sports activities any more. Though these standards remain invariable in the last two years (about it I receive the big decision from the doctor in Austria). Therefore I can't undergo inspection at all the desire. Therefore, too I will never get a grant, and on collecting I financing won't be given. Therefore the Russian Snowboard Federation has also written to me that I this year don't ride. All. Generally, I am not strongly necessary to the Russian sport. In telephone conversation with the representative of the Ministry of Sport I have heard that us at them 17 thousand that they can't solve problems of everyone. And so. At you it was necessary to count the whole and safe Olympic prize-winners who aren't affected by doping scandal on fingers. Those who are ready to win you survive. Really you seriously think that you irreplaceable aren't present? I advise all young athletes to write down and reel up on a mustache. You will be eaten and spat out. Go to go to the university better". The sportswoman has also complained of the bad organization of trainings, has brought



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