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Brad Pitt is the malicious person paying alimony?

Angelina Jolie, according to the American media, has appealed to court as her ex-husband, according to her, "doesn't observe more than one and a half years the arrangement on maintenance of expenses on children" Brad Pitt. Photo: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters of Brad Pitt was accused that he pays not enough alimony. The corresponding petition was submitted by his former spouse Angelina Jolie. According to her lawyers, the actor doesn't meet conditions of keeping of children one and a half years, the observer of The Hollywood Reporter Tiffany Taylor tells: "According to NBC News, Jolie's lawyers haven't specified what meant under a phrase "significant alimony", however in documents it is said that the actress will demand from court to take measures: "Considering that informal arrangements on maintenance of expenses on children weren't observed by Pitt more than one and a half years, Jolie asks court to provide payment of alimony for this period". Lawyers also plan to appoint date of a meeting of the claimant with the defendant that those could discuss financial contradictions. Jolie has filed for a divorce with Pitt in September, 2016, having referred to "irreconcilable contradictions". Couple of actors, having acted in the movie of 2005 "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", nearly ten years met and have got married in 2014. They have six children, including three receptions. After news about Pitt's divorce have accused of ill-treatment of the child onboard the private plane. Despite the application to the police, in FBI as a result have decided not to open case of child abuse". According to the legislation of California, each parent bears responsibility for providing children on the basis of the agreement reached between married couple. The sum of alimony about which Jolie and Pitt have agreed is unknown. The actor's press secretary at the time of the publication of material didn't comment on a situation. To add to your sources of news?



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