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Date: 10 months ago   Category: Politics

"Blow for Israel": world media comment on plans of Russia to deliver to Syria S-300

In media there was information according to which to Syria will deliver up to four regimental sets. The quantity is how significant? Fighting start from ZRK S-300 within the Army international games. Archive. Photo: Sergey Russia will deliver to Savostyanov/TASS to Syria from one to four regimental sets of S-300, approve various media. According to interlocutors of the Izvestia newspaper, it is about one regimental set - it is 12 launchers on four rockets each and one radar station. In turn, sources of Kommersant have reported about delivery of two regimental sets with possible increase in their number up to four. Official data on number of the delivered complexes at the time of the publication of material didn't arrive. The Russian Defense Ministry promised to transfer complexes to forces of the president of Syria Bashar al-Assad within two weeks.

, How significantly how many regimental sets of S-300 will be put: one or from two to four? The military observer of the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper colonel in resignation Victor Baranets:viktor Baranets the military observer of the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, the former press secretary of the Russian Defense Ministry comments, the colonel in resignation "I don't exclude that others because if we have undertaken to protect the Syrian sky from raids of the Israeli aircraft, one set isn't enough, of course, will go for this conflict also, it is necessary to recognize it. It is necessary to recognize, and Russia has an opportunity more densely to close the Syrian sky, it is all the same, imagine that you were surrounded by some gang, and you have in the apartment only a fowling piece. If you have their four if you have people who own well this gun, then, certainly, you will feel more safely. Today a situation with airspace in Syria such is that S-300 have to close all air sky tightly. I am simply surprised that still it isn't made. It is necessary to agree right now about new rules of the game because the Russian S-300 won't joke". Moscow declared delivery of the air defenses advanced complexes to Syria the day before. The reason called need of protection of the Russian military.

the Prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has already reacted: he has said that it will only enhance risks in the region. Washington expects that Moscow will decide not to deliver complexes to Damascus. If advanced air defense systems nevertheless arrive in Syria, al-Assad will become actually only beneficiary in the history about the crash Russian Il-20. Whether it should be taken into account with any gravity the version that missile launch on the Russian plane was not accident, and, for example, work of some radical fraction in the ranks of the Syrian military? Professor of Institute of the countries of Asia and Africa of MSU Vladimir Isayev:vladimir Isaev professor of department of the international economic relations of Institute of the countries of Asia and Africa of Lomonosov Moscow State University "Argues I not really trust in this version. I heard her, but judging from the fact that the official representative of our Ministry of Defence told, I not really trust in this version. As it has correctly been told, in мног



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