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"Belousov's list". How did choose "superdonors" for the budget?

Suggest to impose with surtaxes on one half-trillion rubles a year 14 chemical, mining and metallurgical companies, and the Cabinet of Ministers doesn't exclude extension of the list. RUIE against increase in financial load of the non-oil companies of the Photo: Alyona of Seleznyov/TASS the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) has criticized the proposal of the Assistant to the President Andrey Belousov on increase in financial load of the non-oil companies. The representative of Presidential Administration has actually suggested "to withdraw" from profits of the mining and metallurgical, chemical and petrochemical companies more than 500 billion rubles annually. This money, according to him, has to go for implementation of "May Decrees". However, later the Assistant to the President has said in an interview to Vedomosti that "the mechanism is necessary not because of the shortage of money for implementation of "the May decree" of the president, and for alignment of tax burden". In the letter which copy is at the disposal of RBC Andrey Belousov suggests to tax on an excess profit of 14 companies and to receive in the budget of one half-trillion rubles. On July 28 the head of state has written the instructions on the letter of the assistant "Agrees". But, as the president's press secretary Dmitry Peskov notes, it was with a signature stamp "for office use": Dmitry Peskov the deputy head of Presidential Administration — the Russian President's Press Secretary "It is very important to note here what the president has agreed to. The president has agreed that this subject will be worked out by the Government of the Russian Federation and the relevant proposals taking into account need of preservation of investment opportunities of the specified companies will be submitted. Therefore the expert point is, there are different expert points of view, and they in the expert mode are studied in the cabinet". It is remarkable that so far the Ministry of Finance didn't declare deficiency of funds for execution of national projects. The draft budget prepares in the normal mode. As the Kommersant newspaper notes, in the polutrilliyena of rubles about which the Assistant to the President Belousov, it seems, writes there is no need so that the ministry has refused the reached compromises with departments on national projects. Moreover, the Finance Minister Anton Siluanov noted less than two months ago that growth of taxes in the next five years will end on increase in the VAT from 18% to 20%. And here after repeatedly was declared about stability of tax regime, Belousov's initiative appears. It can frighten off investors, the vice-president of RUIE Igor Yurgens:igor Jürgens the president of the All-Russian union of insurers, the vice-president of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs "Now mister Belousov is sure and some other people say: give now we will take from metallurgists, similarly let's take from oil industry workers, then we will take in a retail, then we will raise the VAT. Wrong it, incorrectly. The president has told that, at least, years two-three tax regime won't change, people make the strategic plans, investment plans and all the rest — and suddenly somewhere from nowhere get". Belau



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