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Baronova: Verzilov never clashed with anybody and

Pyotr Verzilov.
The producer of Pussy Riot Pyotr Verzilov still is in intensive care, serious condition. His friends and relatives are sure: the stroke is excluded, and what has happened to it, this poisoning. Whether so it? With whom did he clash? Pyotr Verzilov. Photo: Anton of Novoderezhkin/TASS Veronika Nikulshina, Pyotr Verzilov's girl, claims: "it precisely poisoning, holinolitikama poisoning". "It something like atropine, cyclohoney, what contains in medicines. But here question of a big dosage" — she considers. Atropine and cyclohoney are drops for eyes. However, on the Internet there are a lot of stories how they are used differently, for obtaining psychotropic effect. At the same time at people the sight is for a while lost, they can't normally communicate, and remember after nothing. On the other hand, whether Verzilov is similar to the person who has decided to relax by means of cheap drops for eyes with unpredictable effect? He has told doctors that he accepted nothing. What happened to Verzilov that day, up to the end isn't clear. Earlier Nikulshina said that after court on her business Pyotr has come home and has fallen asleep, and then began to lose sight and couldn't stand on the feet normally. Now in an interview of BBC she has told that they also went in the evening to restaurant where he, however, ate nothing and didn't drink. Whether Verzilov had conflicts with someone? No, the public figure Maria Baronova:mariya Baronova the public figure "Says Petya didn't clash with anybody and never — it needs to be understood about him. This is the person who... in principle with him it is impossible to swear. From the fact that I know: even those conflicts which could be at other people the conflicts at Petya smoothed out". The source of Interfax reported that the patient is "in fact, in a predynsultny state" and that blood test hasn't revealed "any medicines, except what doctors gave him". However the former participant of Pussy Riot Maria Alekhina is sure that it not so. — there Is no predynsultny state. Poisoning. — Whether Pyotr had some obvious threats recently? — All always have threats, but obvious ill-wishers, it seems to me, these are just all addressees of actions. Writes most world media about Verzilov. He, by the way, besides Russian has a citizenship of Canada, and the prime minister of this country Justin Trudeau has expressed the concern apropos, "especially considering actions from Russians in Great Britain". The Swiss Le Temps has remembered a share in the football championship for which Verzilov and allies had received for 15 days. Such punishment, perhaps, seemed to some insufficient, the Moscow correspondent of the edition considers. The political scientist comments and the political strategist Abbas Gallyamov:abbas Gallyamov is a political strategist "Verzilov isn't such threat to the state that the state has taken such step. Verzilov wasn't at war with intelligence agencies. He is such political opponent, and low level. I therefore think, what we observe now - it is just media consequences of scandal with Skripalyami. That is, a poisoning subject in the agenda, and people try to



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