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Bankruptcy of Urban Group: story by shareholders

The ex-CEO of Urban Group Andrey Puchkov is arrested. Shareholders of ZhK "Laikowo" and "Lesoberezhny" demand to build their houses. Instead want to offer them compensation. According to shareholders, she doesn't correspond to market prices of the Photo: Sergey by Bobyliov/TASS It is updated in 13:03sud in absentia I have arrested the former CEO of Urban Group Andrey Puchkov. According to the investigators, he has exceeded authority at fund raising on construction of a housing estate of Laikowo which hasn't been completed. Media reported that the complaint of the main owner of Urban Group Alexander Dolgin could become the reason of initiation of proceedings, besides statements of shareholders. According to SPARK base, Puchkov remains the minority shareholder of builder from shares of 5%. At the end of May the government has decided to sanify Urban Group and to take under control completion of her objects with assistance of Fund of protection of the rights of participants of shared-equity construction and administration of Moscow area. In July the Arbitration court of the Moscow region recognized all five companies builders entering into group, bankrupts. And the Moscow region all houses of Urban Group have promised to complete the Government of the Russian Federation. But then it has become clear that it belongs only to those houses which have already begun to build. At the same time the minister of a construction complex of the Moscow region Ruslan Tagiyev has specified: "On ZhK "Laikowo" and "Lesoberezhny" construction is somewhere near "zero", at the same time there is DDU. Today at a meeting with shareholders we said that we will look whether there is an expediency of completion of construction on these DDU. Also we will suggest as an alternative citizens to consider the possibility of compensation by money". Now offer those shareholders who have even no ditch compensation. But she doesn't correspond to those sums for which apartments were bought, the head of initiative group of shareholders Artur Babichev:artur Babichev says the head of initiative group of shareholders "On compensation, unfortunately, isn't present understanding as it will [be paid]: whether it will be percent from our DDU which we concluded, whether it will be all cost of DDU. But even in case of the fact that pay us all cost of DDU, we in rigid minus. The legislation at us has provided average market value on the area if I am not mistaken, it is about 50 with small thousands of rubles. If to speak about those sums which we concluded then it is minimum about 76 thousand rubles for square meter, that we personally paid for the apartments. Respectively, from 76 thousand and above — 100-120 thousand were reached by cost for square meter". Oleg has invested 4,5 million rubles of the money in "two-room flat" in ZhK "Lesoberezhny". But, as he has told Business FM, 90% of apartments bought on a mortgage there. Now it is unclear how to pay off with banks. "It is still such light - the version for those who not in a mortgage. And for those who in a mortgage, this sum won't block even percent on bank. It turns out that most of people, 90%, have bought all this in a mortgage and they have to pay for air of 10-15 more years. Individual share on the base was forbidden, and cost on new conditions of a znacha



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