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At first — passport data, then — a messenger

The government has approved a new order of identification in applications for exchange of messages. Only that person on whom concrete number of a mobile Photo is registered will be able to use a messenger: Is updated in the 16:13premyer-minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has approved a new order of identification in applications for instant messaging. For example, WhatsApp and Viber will be able to use only that person on whom concrete mobile phone number is registered. At registration in service the administrator will be obliged to check whether really entered number is registered on the user. The messenger should make request to mobile network operator, that will answer within 20 minutes. If data coincide with information in base of the operator, identification is undergone.

the Messenger will assign for the subscriber a unique code, the cellular companies will bring him in the databases. Otherwise will refuse to the user registration.

Such measures are allegedly necessary for safety, but there are questions. Children up to 14 years have no passports therefore their numbers are issued on parents. It turns out, they won't be able to use messengers? The leading analyst of the Russian Association for Electronic Communications Karen Kazaryan comments: — I have in general a huge number of questions to this government resolution. In my opinion, an identification problem, in particular what to do already with legal persons, it doesn't solve at all. I don't speak about if it is a question of foreign, for example, operators or of what, as a matter of fact, data it has to confirm, identify. The structure of information exchange isn't registered. Probably, authors of the draft of the resolution had to answer, but they have preferred to ignore those remarks which have been put forward by the Ministry of Economic Development to the project. — Some system of a re-registration, maybe, will be introduced? — Has no retroactive force. Doesn't extend to the current legal relationship that is if you are registered — you are registered. — That is now all will install to themselves applications? — Theoretically yes. Opinion of the president of Fund of information democracy, the being Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia Ilya Massukha:ilya Massukh the former Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications, the president Fonda of information democracy "At us many are registered on Gosuslugakh, they can confirm the personality there anyway. As for children, it, likely, will be rather difficult. Or it will be necessary to take the power of attorney, to give some additional mechanisms that the parent confirmed identification of the child. Here it is necessary to think, and it isn't stated in rules. All are equal now, the subscriber is the subscriber. The subscriber can be eight-year-old, and maybe eighty-year-old, it is difficult to convince him to make some actions certain too. I, for example, disaccustom the parents to some actions on phones because there are a lot of roguish cases. I guarantee: in the course of introduction of this mechanism tens of roguish tricks, kotor will appear



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