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At elections — as for a holiday. The Moscow sites will decorate on 109 million

It is twice more, than at presidential elections. Five candidates, including Sergey Sobyanin apply for a post of the capital city's mayor. Why the mayor's offices high turnout and why political scientists call the upcoming elections a referendum? Photo: Sergey Vedyashkin/AGN "Moscow" Pies, bright registration, animators inventors: to turn elections to a holiday — old Soviet tradition. But, as well as it is necessary to the capital, there will be also modern accents. In rooms for vote will establish special plates for a selfie with the inscription "We with the Father or Mother Have Elected the Mayor of Moscow", decorative figures from balloons, garlands and indexes navigators. The mayor's office is ready to spend 109 million rubles for it. In presidential elections the sum was twice less, and sites — are 14 more. To be fair it is necessary to tell that total amount looks impressive, but if to divide it into the number of sites of which it is more than 3,5 thousand then the cost of decoration of everyone — about 30 thousand rubles. For whom the holiday is designed? Opinion of the expert of Institute of humanitarian and political researches Vladimir Slatinov: Vladimir Slatinov the expert of Institute of humanitarian and political researches "After all the Moscow electorate rather educated, and, seems to me, such partly Soviet format "at elections — as for a holiday" won't work on those people whom we carry to a city class. Perhaps, there is a certain rate on pensioners, on those social groups which are ill nostalgia, this rate can come true. It seems to me, it will give several additional percent [appearance]". Political scientists note: the mayor's office obviously works for increase in an appearance. "To dry" elections, apparently, not in plans of the Moscow authorities. This time the appearance will be a certain tool of legitimacy of vote. On last elections of the mayor she was in many respects provided by participation of the oppositionist Alexei Navalny. Ideally on September 9 not less than 50% of voters have to vote. It will give to results of persuasiveness and will exclude possible risks, the head of "Political expert group" Konstantin Kalachyov:konstantin Kalachyov the head of "Political expert group" "In elections of referendumny type when it is not about fierce competition of candidates, and about vote in support of one major candidate considers, there is no danger which in competitive elections is born in itself by high turnout. Moreover, as have shown the Moscow elections, the low appearance is far more dangerous to the power, than high: the loyal voter stays at home". The political scientist and the political strategist Abbas Gallyamov assumes that many of voters on the site will directly decide for whom to vote, and the atmosphere of a holiday will create feeling that everything is good and stable. Perhaps, it will raise an appearance for 10%, and even for 15%. But the best way to attract on sites of people — to add to contents elections, Gallyamov the political strategist "If on elections the real competition says эксперт:Аббас if really something depends on the voter's voice, the appearance grows. The best way to raise an appearance is to create the real political competition". On a capital appearance



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