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Armored timber carrying vessels, wonderful rockets and "horror of Moscow". Ukraine will show arms novelties

Rehearsal of a military parade in Kiev.
The military parade devoted to the Independence Day will take place in Kiev on August 24. What promise sensations and that experts speak about them? A rehearsal of a military parade in Kiev. Photo: Reuters the Self-propelled artillery cannon of Bogdan, armored timber carrying vessels and wonderful rockets which, according to the secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, have left behind the Russian analogs long ago. The Ukrainian authorities are going to show solemnly to the country and the world of a novelty of domestic military industrial complex on August 24 in Kiev on the military parade devoted to the Independence Day. SAU of Bogdan have presented to the general public recently. The Ukrainian journalists already called it "a bad dream of separatists" and "horror of Moscow". What actually represents Bogdan? The base on which there is a howitzer collected from different Soviet details is the KRAZ-6322 developed in the USSR. Only a cabin at Bogdana slightly extended and armored. The trunk of a new howitzer, according to experts, is removed besides from the Soviet Msta tool, and a state part is borrowed from a howitzer of D-20 of post-war times. One more so-called novelty — the Yataghan tank. It is the single copy of T-84 on which in 2000 as an experiment have installed the tool with NATO caliber of 120 mm. Since then this sample was in storage of the Kharkiv plant and, in fact, except participation in a parade, has no relation to AFU. Judging by video of a rehearsal, "Yataghan" will head a column from the same T-84 tanks which in the Ukrainian army there are six pieces. It isn't necessary to speak about any novelties of the Ukrainian military equipment, the editor-in-chief of the Export Vooruzheny magazine Andrey Frolov:andrey Frolov the research associate of the Center of the analysis of strategy and technologies considers, the editor-in-chief of the Export Vooruzheny magazine of Bogdan has appeared recently, but this some very strange thing. Still it is unclear, it is just Soviet Msta on the wheel chassis or it is the Polish gun which there too has been installed. As for "Yataghan", this history lasts nearly 20 years. There is no essentially new nothing, and the most important that all this out of limits of a parade and piece copies won't leave. Just when the need is turned into virtue and told that it something sensationally new and not having analogs, it, probably, not absolutely correctly and has very remote relation to reality". Missile systems which, according to the secretary of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov, have left behind the Russian analogs long ago have to become the main sensation of a parade. In particular, the operational and tactical Thunder-2 missile system, according to statements of the Ukrainian journalists, was already surpassed by Russian Iskander in all indicators. And it in spite of the fact that he has no own rocket yet. Meanwhile only tests of the engine have been shown, and one of two samples has blown up. Ukraine has potential opportunities to do rockets. From Soviet period there is CB Yuzhnoye and the Yuzhmash plant, and Ukrainians try to modernize something. But anyway it is hundred



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