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After explosion on an arsenal near Chernihiv over 60 people have addressed to hospitals

The military prosecutor's office has reported that case will be investigated under article about negligence. The arsenal is in the Ichnyansky district of Ukraine of the Photo: TASS On an arsenal near Chernihiv has occurred explosion, and there was a fire. States of emergency will investigate under article about negligence, the military prosecutor's office of the Central region of Ukraine reports.

Explosion, and then the fire have happened on the technical territory of the 6th arsenal in Ichnyansky district at night on October 9. These are about 150 kilometers from Chernihiv. To border with Russia — about 170 kilometers. The administration of the Chernihiv region has told that "because of smoke" more than 60 people have addressed to hospitals. Explosions were heard for 50 kilometers from an arsenal. Their intensity, according to the Ukrainian General Staff, was two-three in seconds. 10 thousand people from nearly 40 settlements are evacuated. The airspace in a radius of 20 kilometers is closed, exposed a cordon, train service and cars is stopped. In neighboring houses the tile was showered and are broken out.

the Territory of the 6th arsenal — about 700 hectares, more than a half — the technical area. Generally there stored rockets for the air defenses complexes, the ex-employee of operational staff of the General Staff of AFU on air of channel "112 Ukraine" has reported. Also the line of utilization of large ammunition and rockets has been organized by method of smelting of explosives. Artillery and tank ammunition there a little. The task force headed by the chief of the General Staff works, also the prime minister of the country Vladimir Groysman has into place taken off.

In social networks — is a lot of video by locals. On the night horizon — big glow, the scattering burning splinters are visible. The constant roar is heard. To look at this publication in Instagrampublikation from Andr_y (@borshch_1) 8 Oct, 2018 at 9:02 Pdtnikto from Ichni's inhabitants whom Business FM tried to contact I didn't begin to communicate with edition. The vice speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroyed in the Facebook has said that those warned about threat, but the authorities didn't react.

In the last two years in Ukraine has occurred several major fire in military arsenals. In March of last year in Balakley of the Kharkiv region thus about 70% of ammunition have been destroyed. In the Ministry of Defence the cause of the accident then called diversion, but representatives of the Ukrainian opposition have said that the fire could be organized to hide plunder of arms. In two months this warehouse has lit up again.

B of September of the last year the fire has occurred in Vinnytsia region, according to the General Staff of AFU, in warehouses where about 83 thousand tons of ammunition, including rockets of systems of volley fire "Tornado", "Hurricane" and Grad were stored. It has been destroyed to a third of stocks. To add to your sources of news?



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