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Across all Russia there has passed the wave of meetings against pension reform

Actions are submitted more than in hundred cities. Organizers — various left political forces and also labor unions. All demonstrations are coordinated. The most part was initiated by the CPRF of the Photo: EPA\TASS B Sunday, September 2, across all Russia there has passed the wave of meetings against pension reform. Actions are submitted more than in hundred cities. Organizers — various left political forces and also labor unions. A considerable part of meetings was organized by the CPRF. Protests are coordinated. In Moscow the meeting has begun at 12 o'clock in the afternoon on Academician Sakharov Avenue. Also protest action took place at Suvorovskaya Square. About 7,5 thousand people participated in both actions. The correspondent of Business FM Andrey Zhvirblis has characterized an action at Suvorovskaya Square as sluggish and not numerous. Andrey Zhvirblis is a correspondent of Business FM "In spite of the fact that the action has been submitted by Confederation of labor unions of Russia, it was so a poluprivatizirovana political party Just Russia and its candidate on mayor Moscow elections. That is, probably, a third of attendees was in vests with party symbolics, and young people who agitated for the candidate went. Other any especially noticeable political forces weren't. There was "A socialist alternative", some other divisions. It is impossible to tell that the action made an impression of grandiose some phenomenon, it is possible because it is the last days off of summer though September. At 13:30 the people have begun to disperse. It wasn't without funny things. For example, there were many supporters of NOD (political party "National Liberation Movement") who went with posters that the IMF is guilty of reform that, of course, caused some smile in many. From the famous, noticeable people I only saw Sergey Mitrokhin acting from a scene, and also there was an archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin". The meeting against pension reform in Novosibirsk has collected by different estimates from one thousand to 2,5 thousand participants. By the present moment the action has come to the end, the journalist of the website Yaroslav Vlasov has told. Yaroslav Vlasov is a journalist of the website "The meeting in Novosibirsk has been coordinated, he has passed in the downtown. Not only communists were organizers, but also representatives of democratic forces are members of the Yabloko party, there were several people from "The democratic choice", "The white front" or Rot Front. On an action by our estimates there were 2-2,5 thousand people approximately, by estimates of police — 1200 people have come. In general, it is the second such large campaign in Novosibirsk. It is remarkable that the deputy of the State Duma from the CPRF Vera Ganzya has urged the president to retire that, generally, is quite unusual neither to the operating State Duma, nor to communists who, as a rule, try not to mention a name of Putin in vain. In general the action has taken place peacefully, without provocations and has come to the end with adoption of the next resolution on sending the government of Medvedev to resignation". Also meetings against pension changes in Vladivostok and Barnaul have come to the end. Slightly more than one thousand people have taken part in everyone on average. To add



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