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100 times stronger than morphine also doesn't cause accustoming — scientists have invented new anesthetic

So far it has the code name AT-121. Medicine can make a revolution in anesthesiology. Substance has already passed tests on animals, including the highest primacies, and has shown impressive results. When can medicine go on sale? Photo: DPA/TASS AT-121 — new anesthetic is 100 times stronger than morphine and doesn't cause dependence which is the main problem. As writes the Air Force, development of the American scientists can make the real revolution in anesthesiology. Substance has already passed tests on animals, including the highest primacies, and has shown impressive results. It not only blocks pain, but also treats opioid dependence. At macaques the analgesic effect of AT-121 was comparable with use of morphine already at a dosage 100 times smaller. At the same time he not only didn't cause accustoming, but also reduced the level of drug addiction at the animals accustomed to intake of opioid of oxycodone. During experiences over monkeys new substance even in high doses didn't lead to difficulty of breath of experimental and didn't cause problems with warm activity. Nadezhda Osipova professor, the doctor of medical sciences "We with pleasure would test this new medicine. Perhaps, it is valid something special from the point of view of the prescription device, here, what it affects. Of course, that person who could such means pharmacological invent would be ingenious, but it is difficult to imagine because the nature hasn't for nothing created this opioid system which can reliably cover the person from pain. And all others can cover only from some aspects connected with pain". Russia looks forward to emergence of this medicine, however it is so far at a stage of tests therefore will appear in the country at best in five years, the head of state budgetary institution Scientific Research Institute Organizatsii of health care of Moscow David Melik-Guseynov:david Melik-Guseynov the director of state budgetary institution Scientific Research Institute Organizatsii of health care and medical management "Actually has commented on a situation, we very tremblingly trace history with clinical trials of this new medicine while he goes under the code name. That is the name consisting of letters and figures and therefore as still this development didn't become commercialized, that is it didn't come out in the market address yet. But what we see at a stage of preclinical researches researches which are conducted on animals, medicine has really very well proved. First, and on dosage volume, that is the dose is much less, than when using anesthetics of other categories, and on therapeutic effect the same effect on force as, let us assume, when using morphine, lack of accustoming, lack of some serious by-effects. And all this gives certain hope that when medicine begins to be tested in public, and most likely, this stage of clinical trials will begin in the nearest future, there is a wish to believe that all these properties which now medicine shows on animals will remain, and in some time medicine, in that чи



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